Change is coming to

I have been running for a few years now, and it is time to review the site and its operations. It has meant really looking closely at what I’m doing and where I can go, and if it’s truly possible to keep going.

This has meant two options—major investment using funds that aren’t available, or scaling back and turning this into more of something I love.

I’ve decided that I will need to scale back what I do. Current realities of time and economics mean that I’m not able to invest in order to grow, and my personal interests and focus are leading in other directions.

I have often felt a disconnect between advocating and reviewing, and also trying to act as a seller. By reducing (but not completely ending) most of the retail aspect, I feel I can be more honest to express opinions and try to stand more for promoting models and wildlife that need attention.

What does this mean for the remaining inventory? And what will I be doing in future?

Much of what is here—in the near future we will be dropping the prices of what’s left of Mojo, CollectA and Replica Toy Fish (all unavailable anymore, for various reasons) drastically (more so) to clear them from inventory. The same will happen with whatever is left of the Safari models (although not as drastically). I’ll be scaling back the site, removing things that aren’t available anymore, that sort of thing. I might create some pages of ‘what once was’ for models that are gone now, but it’s not going to be a priority to do that.

It will also mean some changes to the shipping rates (already in place), which will be based on a flat rate plus a percentage instead of using the Canada Post pricing. It probably won’t change much, and will require work to ensure that it charges fair prices. It will take some tweaking and playing to get it right.  I may also change our payment process, but that will come later.

What I will continue with is promoting models from ‘little guys’ that are more unusual or harder to get—Southlands Replicas and Toy Fish Factory are already in store, and I’ll see what other small companies might fit this new direction (I just recently saw EoFauna models for the first time…yeah, they’re pretty nice. I might follow up with that eventually).

And most importantly, I will continue my relationship with Brandon DeMoss/Obscurus. I appreciate that we tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to what we want to see in the animal-model world; he wants to make unusual and not-yet-done prehistoric animals (the recent Asilisaurus is amazing!) and I want the same thing for modern fish (the first model in the new version of the FaunaFigures Fishes line, the Ornate bichirs, is equally amazing).

And together, we’ll work in tandem to develop prehistoric fish models that need more attention (the first one being worked on is an amazing Protosphyraena, photos of which have been shared somewhere…it should be out soon).

This is a rough preview of the Protosphyraena sculpt…I can’t wait to see it fully realized!

I am also hoping that the site change will allow for me to blog more, writing about topics inspired by my collections such as animals of interest, issues facing collecting and model production, some of my travels and opportunities that almost always have some kind of natural history element to them, and anything else that comes to mind.

I appreciate people’s support over the years. The experience has been mostly enjoyable, but reality is what it is and I need to change what I do. If you have questions or comments you are welcome to contact us of course, and I look forward to speaking to you in the future!