Vault tales #28 K&M International Red Salamander

Who makes it? The company is called Wild Republic now, but back in the day, the good figures were K&M International. That’s what this salamander is branded as, part of their ‘medium’ size rubber salamander set. Item number 20757 When did it come out? Unlike many of the more obscure ones, the stamp makes thisContinue reading “Vault tales #28 K&M International Red Salamander”

Vault tales #26 Noah’s Pals Golden Jackal (male)

Who makes it? Part of the short-lived animal toy line Noah’s Pals, they represented the letter J, for Jackal. But specifically, Golden Jackal! More specifically, this is the male one one, Jason. When did it come out? It was brief, but probably 2006 or 2007. Still available? Nope, and it’s a sad, dumb story. TheContinue reading “Vault tales #26 Noah’s Pals Golden Jackal (male)”

Vault tales #25 Play Visions Placodus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of a bin figure set of prehistoric marine reptiles. It has a stamp of #1 on it When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998, so go with that! Still available? They were discontinued in the early 2000s, although they still show up in the occasionalContinue reading “Vault tales #25 Play Visions Placodus”