Vault Tales 263 Kaiyodo Dinoland 100mm Barosaurus

This post will be taking a look another figure from Kaiyodo, but one unlike anything I’ve covered before! Most of the Kaiyodo figures I’ve covered have fallen into a broadly toy-like category; many are kind of breakable, but the initial prices and methods of sale indicate that they were meant for play and collectors ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 263 Kaiyodo Dinoland 100mm Barosaurus”

Vault Tales 262 CollectA Dimetrodon

Another look at another great figure! This time, we’re going to a relative of the mammals from the Permian. This is a sort of recent one, the CollectA Dimetrodon from their Deluxe 1:20 collection. Released in 2018 as item number 88822. As has become a bit of an industry standard, this figure of course includesContinue reading “Vault Tales 262 CollectA Dimetrodon”

Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)

Today, looking at a figure of one of my personal favorite prehistoric mammals, Megacerops. This particular one is the figure made by MojoFUN in 2013, number 387155, part of their Mojo Prehistoric series. It was released–and is still listed–as Brontotherium, which is considered synonymous with Megacerops. Whatever the name, I recall being very excited forContinue reading “Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)”

Vault Tales 260 FigureFrenzy Stegosaurus+Allosaurus, Goldfish, Sea turtles, Salamander, Gar

Bunch of random figures yet again! Overall, pretty great figures. Including a cool gar from a company I haven’t visited for a while. There’s even going to be a few paired figures! Takara DinoExpo 2012 Dino Kingdom Stegosaurus+Allosaurus First up, we have a pair of dinosaurs that were released as part of a set withContinue reading “Vault Tales 260 FigureFrenzy Stegosaurus+Allosaurus, Goldfish, Sea turtles, Salamander, Gar”

Vault Tales 259 Safari Ltd WS Prehistoric World Dunkleosteus

Today I’m going to just look at a single figure, one which really showed a change in the game for the Safari prehistoric figures. This is of course the Dunkleosteus, number 283329. It was released in 2007 (in what was then the Wild Safari Dinos & Prehistoric Life series), and continues to be available today.Continue reading “Vault Tales 259 Safari Ltd WS Prehistoric World Dunkleosteus”