Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)

Today, looking at a figure of one of my personal favorite prehistoric mammals, Megacerops. This particular one is the figure made by MojoFUN in 2013, number 387155, part of their Mojo Prehistoric series. It was released–and is still listed–as Brontotherium, which is considered synonymous with Megacerops. Whatever the name, I recall being very excited forContinue reading “Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)”

Vault Tales 259 Safari Ltd WS Prehistoric World Dunkleosteus

Today I’m going to just look at a single figure, one which really showed a change in the game for the Safari prehistoric figures. This is of course the Dunkleosteus, number 283329. It was released in 2007 (in what was then the Wild Safari Dinos & Prehistoric Life series), and continues to be available today.Continue reading “Vault Tales 259 Safari Ltd WS Prehistoric World Dunkleosteus”

Vault Tales 257 FigureFrenzy Anteater, Hatchetfish, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Salamander

Another figure frenzy today, all over the place again! Dinosaurs and fish and amphibians! I’m a little late with it, so I’m going to be brief here! Safari Ltd South American toob Giant Anteater I only just discussed the Capybara from the Safari South American toob, and already, a week later, here we are withContinue reading “Vault Tales 257 FigureFrenzy Anteater, Hatchetfish, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Salamander”

Vault Tales 230 Hasbro Jurassic Park Lycaenops group

As I mentioned earlier, this week is accidentally non-dinosaur animals that predate dinosaurs. We started with a Triassic archosaur, and now we’re going even further back to the Permian, with an animal on the eventual mammal lineage! I am talking about the Lycaenops figures made by Kenner (possibly under Hasbro) as part of the originalContinue reading “Vault Tales 230 Hasbro Jurassic Park Lycaenops group”

Vault Tales 229 Bullyland Batrachotomus

It’s been a while, but this week is going to be a couple of Figure Focus posts! No particular reason, it just worked out that way. But they are link in interesting ways–large, carnivorous beasts that predate dinosaurs…figures that represent animals not often seen. Figures that weren’t especially easy to get, and are way harderContinue reading “Vault Tales 229 Bullyland Batrachotomus”