It’s that time of year again–gift giving season! And to celebrate that we’ve been around for almost 5 years now (!), we are putting (almost) everything on some kind of sale! And it will be at least the whole weekend!

First, we always love our Safari Ltd animals–all current models are 25% of.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the new models are on their way, and should be here in a few weeks. We’re looking forward to seeing them too!

Second, a newcomer for us–the Southlands Replicas from Australia! All stock is also 25% off!

And as far as I know, they are bringing out some unique things soon as well.

Next, and we are sad to say it again–Replica Toy Fish has discontinued their line. Anything that’s left, that’s all there is. I am personally sad to see it end, but hopefully we will be seeing something new from them soon (new and fishy of course).

And whatever we currently have? 10% off!

Of course, we’ve had some interesting things happen too…Mojo is a company that we’ve been unable to get for a while…but what we still have is great stuff. But we need to make room…so all MOJO stock is 50% off!

Same thing has been for CollectA. We can’t get them in right now…which is too bad. But for what we do have? Everything is 40% off!

Of course, we also have the OBSCURUS and FaunaFiguresFishes handmade models…we can’t put those on discount, but they are very limited and still very nice!

Thanks for all of your support, and we hope you can find something you like!