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An oblique view. Might as well share a few photos! Look at those floppy ears!

Vault Tales 13 RSM Archaeotherium

RSM Archaeotherium Who makes it? It’s a cast of a museum diorama piece from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. It’s name is Archie! Based on fossil material from that province! The unpainted entelodont Archaeotherium, Archie When did it come out? It never really came out…but judging by the inscription on the base, 1988 Still available? It […]

A somewhat over sized jackal,  but I don't have any people figures that are quite the right height. Maybe the people are really short?

Vault Tales 12 CollectA Black-backed Jackal

Who makes it? CollectA, as part of their Woodlands (?) collection. Never really thought of these as woodlands animals, but that where they put it. Item number is 88655 When did it come out? In 2014, back when it was easier to get the CollectA figures! The black-backed jackal, skulking along. There’s a bit of […]

This weird human figure may be a little more to scale, but I really just like how his pose makes it look like he's a very familiar keeper, like a modern elephant zoo keeper! Especially when the Triceratops seems to be letting him scratch behind the frill!

Vault Tales 11 Safari Ltd Triceratops

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, as part of their WS Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life series…which has recently been renamed Wild Safari Prehistoric World. But when this one came out it was WSD&PL, item number 284529 When did it come out? I want to say 2010…but it was apparently 2008 Triceratops in its natural wasteland habitat… […]

And with a small Kaiyodo explorer. He's a little too big (maybe the Plateosaurus is small?). This photo is a bit of a blend of old and new--the human scale comes from the later, more recent Capsule sets made by Kaiyodo. In this case, the white ones came with the figures form the tyrannosaurid series; there are the same figures in black plastic from a ceratopsian series; and the blue humans, as seen in very tiny form, came with a marine reptiles series.

Vault Tales 10 Kaiyodo Dinotales Plateosaurus

Who makes it? Kaiyodo as part of their Dinotales line, Series 5 to be exact, the A version (more brown). The item number is 90A (the Dinotales stayed pretty consistent with their numbering over several series) When did it come out? About 2006 Behold! The first of likely many Dinotales, and Kaiyodo figures, to come! […]

Close to scale with Kevin the diver. It's a little bit of a whimsical figure, but sometimes we need these random bursts of colour!

Vault Tales 9 Gosnell “Gemuendina”

Who makes it? Gosnell? A bulk bin toy supplier as part of a marine animals set…it’s probably supposed to be a ray, but it would be a weird looking ray… Okay, the photo is a bit fuzzy…it’s like a cryptid or something. But at least it’s possible to see the dorsal fins…and the mouth that […]

Kaiyodo JP3 Spino skull

Vault Tales 8 Kaiyodo JPIII Spinosaurus Skull

Who makes it? Kaiyodo as the ‘chase’ figure for their Coca-Cola/JPIII tie in series. As a chase figure, they don’t always have numbers in the series, just SP When did it come out? With JPIII so…2001? Explorer Moe with the Spinosaurus skull. He’s a little too big (the skull is closer to 1:50, the guy […]

FC Leedsichthys 2

Vault Tales 7 FaunaCasts Leedsichthys

Who makes it? Malcolm Mlodoch, an exhibit designer and modeler, for his FaunaCasts models series. He started them as a collector-directed line from the Dinosaur Toy Forum–a site that I am sure I will reference many times here. FaunaCasts Leedsichthys. A glorious megafish When did it come out? Complicated question. The first pictures were seen […]

FUL octopus 2

Vault Tales 6 FUL small octopus

Who makes it? One of a set of small marine animals. Came from a package marked FUL but likely shows up in many sets under many names. When did it come out? Not sure. We got it in 2006 or so The small FUL octopus. Bask in it’s warm yellow glow…! Still available? Believe so, […]

DK Saltasaurus 2

Vault Tales 5 Playmates Dinosaur King Saltasaurus

Who makes it? Playmates as part of their Wave 1 Dinosaur King small figures. They don’t use item numbers. When did it come out? Around 2009? 2010? The Playmates “Dinosaur King” Saltasaurus Still available? They were barely available when they were for sale. They never really hit many markets. Sometimes they show up on Ebay. […]

Estemmenosuchus 2

Vault Tales 4 CollectA Estemmenosuchus

Who makes it? CollectA as part of their Deluxe prehistoric line. Item number 88816 When did it come out? 2018 Here it is, the CollectA Estemmenosuchus! In all of it’s weird, awkward glory! Still available? It just came out–I hope so! Access to CollectA products varies wildly in different parts of the world. I got […]

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