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Colorata Veloci 3

Vault tales 76 Colorata Cretaceous Dino Vol 1 Velociraptor

Who makes it? Colorata as part of their Dinosaurs Volume 1 Cretaceous box set, series number 970720. Number 03 in the collection When did it come out? I want to say around 2009 or 2010, maybe a little later. Colorata’s second take on Velociraptor. They didn’t change much from their first attempt. Still available? It […]

MKnight Knifefish 5

Vault tales 75 Monday Knight Productions Knifefish

Who makes them? They are current sold by a RPG miniatures company called Monday Knight Productions under the name ‘eel’ in their 25mm Aquatic animals line. Except, given the extended anal fin/no caudal-or-dorsal fin, and the overall shape, they’re more likely gymnotiform knifefish, not eels. My take on the pattern of a banded knifefish. The […]

Colorata Str Marlin 1

Vault tales 74 Colorata Striped Marlin

Who makes it? Colorata as part of their Saltwater Fishes box set–the original release (not the currently available version). Item 01 in the series, the box number is still 978399. When did it come out? I’ve had it since 2009, and I believe it was originally around then. Note the base–there are two visible extra […]

Iwako 1

Vault tales Run the Set 73 Iwako Prehistoric erasers

What is this? Well, it’s another Run the Set! This time, a selection of erasers from Japan by a company called Iwako. There is no way that I have all of them, but I do have a pretty interesting variety of species among them. What are these? As I said, they are erasers. Of some […]

Eofauna Palaeoloxodon 3

Vault tales 72 EoFauna Straight-Tusked Elephant Palaeoloxodon

Who makes it? A small but excellent company called EoFauna. This is literally their second figure ever. When did it come out? It was released in 2018. Here it is! Too large to get a proper photo with a full background… Still available? It hasn’t been out that long, and yes, they are. Where can […]

Marx Sphenacodon 4

Vault tales 71 Marx Sphenacodon

Who makes it? This is a classic figure from Marx! When did it come out? I’m not really sure when this particular one came out, but it was produced from about 1955 to the 1970s. A classic monochrome plastic figure! Still available? Not the original figures, but I think it sometimes gets recast (officially or […]

3D YF Toadfish 2

Vault tales 70 3D Printed Yellowfin Toadfish

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First off, I’d like to thank anyone that reads these for sticking with me into a new year! So let’s open it with a fish. Of course. Who makes it? A friend through a collecting forum made the file for me–and it was printed at the university where I work! Then I […]

Tedco Arsinoitherium 3

Vault tales 69 COG Prehistoric Panorama Arsinoitherium

Who makes it? Sold by a company called Tedco, made by a company called COG Ltd, in their Dino Horizons line, as part of a series called Prehistoric Panorama…this Arsinoitherium was one of 6 mammals in the Prehistoric Mammals set (which was one of the 6 series made) When did it come out? These were […]

Safari TA Yonahlossee 2

Vault tales 68 Safari Ltd Tennessee Aquarium Yonahlossee Salamander

Who makes it? This is a classic from Safari Ltd, part of the small Tennessee Aquarium salamanders set. This one is item number 2104. When did it come out? Apparently 1995! Still available? Sadly, no. The whole series ended in the early 2000s or so, but could still be found into the mid-2000s. Good luck […]

AK Sperm whale 2

Vault tales 67 Animal Kaiser Sperm Whale

Who makes it? Of the many properties that Bandai has had licensing deals with–it’s a figure made in conjunction with the Japanese game (card? video? both?) Animal Kaiser–part of the Bigger Beast Series 1, number 8. I think. Kind of like the Playmates Dinosaur King figures. When did it come out? I honestly don’t know. […]

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