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Safari toob Liopleur 3

Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon

Who makes it? Looks like the Random number generator really wanted to look into this set…same as the last post, it’s a figure from the Safari Prehistoric Sea Life toob, 682404 The massive (looking) Safari Toob Liopleurodon When did it come out? Still available? Where can it be found in my displays? How does it […]

Safari toob Tylosaur 2

Vault tales 31 Safari Toob Tylosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Preshistoric Sea Life TOOB, item number 682404 When did it come out? I want to say 2007. But it was apparently 2009. It’s a small but mighty little figure! Even the teeth, while a little uniform, are distinctly visible! Still available? I just found out that […]

Colorata WCats Cheetah 3

Vault tales 30 Colorata Cheetah

Who makes it? Colorata, from their original Wild Cats Vol 1 box When did it come out? I think I picked it up in 2006? Running Cheetah! Still available? Unlike many of the Colorata boxes, I think this one is still available in its original format. Getting it outside of Japan remains tricky. And in […]

Dinot 1v2 Liopleurodon 3

Vault tales #29 Dinotales Liopleurodon v2

Who makes it? Kaiyodo, as part of the Dinotales line. Series 1 (but see below) item number 011.2 When did it come out? Bit of history here…The first series of Dinotales came out in 2001. A set of 24 blind bag figures that needed to be put together (for the most part) using as modern […]

KM Red salam 4

Vault tales #28 K&M Red Salamander

Who makes it? The company is called Wild Republic now, but back in the day, the good figures were K&M International. That’s what this salamander is branded as, part of their ‘medium’ size rubber salamander set. Item number 20757 The stamp on the belly, giving away the age of this particular mold. There were so […]

Aussini Boar 2

Vault tales #27 Ausini Wild Boar

Who makes it? A weird, small company named Ausini as part of a mini wild animals set. When did it come out? I’ve had it for at least 10 years, but it’s probably older. Look. A tiny boar! At this size, my camera is not pleased. Still available? It’s hard to pin down. I think […]

NP Male gold jackal 3

Vault tales #26 Noah’s Pals Golden Jackal (male)

Who makes it? Part of the short-lived animal toy line Noah’s Pals, they represented the letter J, for Jackal. But specifically, Golden Jackal! More specifically, this is the male one one, Jason. When did it come out? It was brief, but probably 2006 or 2007. A (male) golden jackal! Just kind of standing there. Still […]

PV Placodus 3

Vault tales #25 Play Visions Placodus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of a bin figure set of prehistoric marine reptiles. It has a stamp of #1 on it When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998, so go with that! Friendly Placodus, just swimming along the reef. Although they may not really have been that adept at […]

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