Vault tales Run the Set 60 Safari Ancient Fossils toob

What’s going on here? Well, some figures don’t really need a full review. Especially small bin or toob sets. And yes, I have discussed individual small figures from sets before but it can’t hurt to shake things up a bit. So for this one, and others in the future (should have done it for theContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 60 Safari Ancient Fossils toob”

Vault tales 38 Safari Charniodiscus

Who makes it? One figure in the Safari Ltd Cambrian Life toob, number 677104. When did it come out? The toob was first released in 2013 Still available? Unfortunately, no, the toob was discontinued in 2017. They may still be out there in random stores, but it’s been a few years now. Where can itContinue reading “Vault tales 38 Safari Charniodiscus”

Vault Tales 197 FigureFrenzy Japanese weasel, Sidneyia, Marine iguana, Fukuiraptor

Today’s newest Figure Frenzy is a bunch of random figures again! So much fun! This time, though, we have two from Safari, and two from Kaiyodo–demonstrating some variety in on what those companies can do. Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Animatales Japanese Weasel First we have a figure from the Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Animatales series, the Japanese weasel. ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 197 FigureFrenzy Japanese weasel, Sidneyia, Marine iguana, Fukuiraptor”

Vault Tales 163 ToyTrio Ornithomimus, Giganotosaurus, Anomalocaris

All prehistoric Trio today! Wide range of odd animals… GeoWorld Jurassic Hunters Ornithomimus First up we have another Jurassic Hunters from GeoWorld. This time we are looking at a figure from Series 1 (the previous Thescelosaurus was Series 2), part of the original dinosaurs release, item number CL353K. It’s an interesting figure, to say theContinue reading “Vault Tales 163 ToyTrio Ornithomimus, Giganotosaurus, Anomalocaris”

Vault Tales 120 ToyTrio Vauxia, Reef Manta, Paradisefish

Here we have another ToyTrio, with a chance to revisit a figure from an earlier, revisit a set I mentioned once, and visit a set I’m very fond of for the first time! Safari Cambrian toob Vauxia This first one is a look again specifically at the Vauxia figure from the recent Cambrian Life toobContinue reading “Vault Tales 120 ToyTrio Vauxia, Reef Manta, Paradisefish”