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Kaiyodo JPIII All

Vault Tales Run the Set 107 Kaiyodo CocaCola JPIII Dinosaurs

All of the Kaiyodo Jurassic Park III dinosaurs. 11/12 are in perfect, shiny condition… Way, way, way back I wrote about a special release Kaiyodo dinosaur model–a Spinosaurus skull from their Jurassic Park III + Coca Cola promotion (almost exactly 100 posts ago!). Now, the Random Number Generator has selected other figures from the series, […]

Kaiyodo bichirs 4

Vault Tales 106 Kaiyodo Pets Saddled Bichirs

The wild/regular colouration of the saddle bichir. It’s hard to tell but Kaiyodo really captured the little features of this animal Here we are with another post about bichirs already. The Random Number generator made some interesting picks, but this one is extra special. It has been just over a year since I started these […]

Dinotales Anomaolcaris 4

Vault Tales 96 Kaiyodo Dinotales Anomalocaris

The first superpredator? Maybe. This may be the most glorious version out there. This post is going to go back to the Kaiyodo Dinotales, a series that I’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing. Hardly surprising, since I have at least one of every model…and there are a lot of models! This Anomalocaris is […]

Kaiyodo Bronze whaler 1

Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark

There are not enough shark figures. Of most species. Like this one. I am once again revisiting a figure from Kaiyodo (a company that has come up in this blog many times already), but I think this is the first one from the Capsule Aquarium series (I did discuss the tiger shark before, but it’s […]

Kaiyodo futabusaurus 4

Vault tales 91 Kaiyodo National Museum Futabasaurus & Skeleton

(Side note–I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and have decided to change up the format. I’ll say about the same things, but I’m just going to go with paragraphs now!) A pretty purple plesiosaur perfectly perched…precariously? The alliteration got away from me, it’s actually on an acrylic peg of course. Today’s figure (well, […]

Kaiyodo Arsinoithere 1

Vault tales 90 Kaiyodo Dinotales Arsinoitherium

Who makes it? More Kaiyodo Dinotales! From Series 7, just like the previously discussed Dinotales Elasmosaurus. It is 116A, meaning that it is also among the A-line variants like that Elasmosaurus. Again, I only picked up one variety of each animal. When did it come out? I haven’t discovered a different date since last time…so […]

Kaiyodo chuanjies 2

Vault tales 84 Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004 Chuanjiesaurus

Who makes it? This is a special issue figure from Kaiyodo as part of an exclusive set for the Dino Expo 2004 in Japan. It has been an annual tradition for most of the last 20 years at least, trying to find out what was coming–and many were from Kaiyodo. When did it come out? […]

Kaiyodo elasmo 1

Vault tales 80 Kaiyodo Dinotales Elasmosaurus

Who makes it? Kaiyodo Dinotales, part of the 7th series. The Elasmosaurus is number 117A–the brown colour one. I think 117B is purple, but I only got one! Seen from above. It really shows off how big the body is, compared to how skinny and long the neck is. When did it come out? I […]

Kaiyodo Tiger shark 1

Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark

Who makes it? The second Kaiyodo aquatic figure in a week!? But this is from a very different set–it is more current, and part of what Kaiydo now refers to as their CapsuleQ Museum series–Series 7, Yaeyama, number 052 in the set. These particular series were produced referencing regions of Japan. Just a little figure, […]

Kaiyodo Fly Gurnard 1

Vault tales 65 Kaiyodo Aquatales Red Spiny Gurnard

Who makes it? Kaiyodo, as part of their Glico Aquatales Series 2. Number 22 in that particular set…there are so many different sets under different names and releases… When did it come out? The set first came out in 2003. But it may have been re-released later. From the side, it’s a colorful but seemingly […]

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