FigureFocus 317 Acheson Primeval Designs Spotted Hyena

Time to look at yet another Hyena figure from the collection! Yeah…I have many. It’s a thing! This time it’s a small clan of metal Spotted Hyenas from Acheson Creations’ Primeval Designs series. As with a few other figures from the series that I’ve looked at before, these are the metal (pewter) figures, being smaller models, although some are resin as well. Unlike other figures seen on the blog, these figures are not technically part of the ‘prehistoric’ series, but an associated “Mammals/Reptiles” series within the 28MM line–meaning that they can fit alongside most of the prehistoric figures, as well as other RPG sized figures (although the scale is approximate–I find the figures to scale a bit bigger than normal 28MM). The species is not specified but they are likely meant to be Spotted (although they require painting, so they can be whatever you make them).

The figures, being meant for games or dioramas, are of course a little more ‘wicked’ and angry looking than a real animal probably would be, but seem to do an okay job of representing a hyenid at least (not counting the lightly built aardwolf and species like that). They have the slightly hunched body, with a big head and large round ears. The front legs are appropriately longer than the rear legs. The tail is not differentiated much from the rear legs; with the heads down they appear to be either on approach to something they’re hunting or afraid of. Interestingly, the Acheson site shows not one but two poses for the metal hyenas in slightly different body proportions but otherwise similar styles. But that appears to be just one change for the figure.

From what I can tell, the figures (and the site in general) seems to have changed their sales model–when I picked up mine, it was a lot of six figures. Now, it appears that the site specializes more in larger lots of some models…and selling Masters of many of their others. So while it’s possible (for now?) to still get them, it appears that it might be limited unless someone takes it over? It’s too bad; the hyenas and many of their other prehistoric and modern animals were unique and interesting. Hopefully I’ve misread or something, and they will be back to normal. As it is, at least, as far as species go, spotted hyenas are moderately common. Currently there are even ones from WizKids that are also available to be painted, and they’re about the same size. But the Acheson models are a bit unique, and it would be too bad if they were no longer around.

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