FigureFocus 313 Dinowaurs Series 1 Aucasaurus

Back again with a short one…because I won’t have much to say about it. This is the second time I am looking at a figure from the Dinowaurs Survival series. If you took a quick glance, you might think it’s the same figure as that Monolophosaurus…maybe just a darker photograph? No, this time it’s Aucasaurus, which has the benefit of being a fairly unique animal as far as figures go. But it is still that same general green colour with a bit of dark washes. I do at least have one high-end model but…not exactly obtainable. Definitely not a toy. This Dinowaurs figure, on the other hand, is best described as pretty basic, and definitely a toy.

Relative to that previously discussed Monolophosaurus, this Aucasaurus is pretty weak when it comes to accuracy (and that says something). It seems weirdly extended, although apparently the tail an body proportions are mostly close. More impressive, despite the soft material, it can stand up on those two legs. Sometimes. The head seems a little lightly built, but raised up like it is, with a roaring posture does gibe it some life. As for those arms…abelisaurs (best recognized by Carnotaurus) are well known for their ridiculously small arms…like small enough to make T. rex arms look huge. On this figure, they are long and end in four big fingers. It should be really short arms with stumpy, barely-there fingers. Part of me thinks this was supposed to be some other dinosaur. Or the designer looked at a very wrong dinosaur.

So this figure…honestly, if you really need an Aucasaurus in your collection, I guess go for it? Probably on ebay from Europe. The line is no longer around that I’m aware of, but I don’t think they’re very expensive (or sought after…) Also, if the weird green doesn’t work for you, I’ve seen photos of them in grey as well (and I do have other Dinowaurs in that colour) so maybe that kind of search is what can be motivating. But really, it’s an odd dinosaur toy from an odd dinosaur line, buried somewhere on my shelves!

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