FigureFocus 307 Schleich Cow (Minis)

Haven’t posted in a bit…and this one’s going to be appropriately short for a small figure. This one is from the classic Schleich ‘Minis’ series, initiated in 1965 and as a group discontinued in 2005. In particular, this is the basic ‘Kuh‘ or Cow, as in domestic cow, item number 10067. I don’t know when it was released, but given the low-ish item number it was likely near the original releases. The series starts at 10001 and ends at 11210–skipping over 10101 through 11209, it wasn’t that huge a series!

It’s hard to say much about the figure. As with most of the Schleich minis, it is very well-done for such a small, stylized figure. Fair amount of detail, although seen up close it’s clear that the rubber has a few cracks. As the figures do not appear damaged, this might actually be from the original moulds–or maybe these moulds from the 1960s were a little worn by the time mine was produced. I picked this one up…randomly, I guess, in either the mid-90s or early 2000s. So it would make some sense–maybe that’s the reason the line was discontinued. As with most of the line, it is a monochromatic figure (not even the eyes are painted this time) but at least an all-brown cow makes good sense.

As I said, I have no idea why I picked up this particular animal…I don’t have a tonne of domestic/farm animals but maybe it was a cheap impulse from a store bin. I do enjoy the tiny figures (again, go great with mini dinosaurs and such after all) but who knows. I do know that Schleich minis are still available but depending on which figure, can be very collectable and desirable–with commensurate prices. I haven’t researched it, but if you need a mini cow I’d wager it’s not particularly expensive, but then, there are likely other mini cow options (Safari Good Luck Minis definitely have or had one or two, for example). Other animals (like, say, the coati figure seen here) are a lot less common. But if you can find them it might be fun to try (usually auctions or collector trades).

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