FigureFocus 304 Play Visions Ring-Tailed Vontsira

Time to look at a small figure from a great little set, a figure from the Play Visions “Civets & Mongooses” set . I looked at a figure from this set once before, the so-called Binturong that is more likely an Asian palm civet. This is another figure that is very nicely made, but clearly stamped with a less informative name (but at least technically ‘right’). The figure is marked as a ‘Ring-tailed Mongoose’, but better referred to as a Ring-tailed Vontsira. Mainly because the Malagasy word ‘vontsira’ is more effective at demonstrating that this small Madagascar carnivoran is part of a family (Eupleridae) separate from those that include true mongooses (Herpestidae). This figure is of course one of eight in the series of small carnivorans, a set that included a whole bunch of great little figures that are (mostly) not made by any other company (except the Meerkat. Tonnes of those. Interestingly, the only mongoose in the Civets & Mongooses set).

This small figure does a great job of capturing the active and colorful nature of these animals. Admittedly mine has been through a lot–I first got them in the early 2000s, just before they were discontinued forever, which is super disappointing. I was lucky even then–I found a place in California that was willing to bring in this set (and the Weasels set) just for me–of course they sold out soon after because they’re awesome. Sets like this are sorely missed, because we need more of these less familiar animals as available models–and let’s be specific, affordable models (seriously…they were a dollar or so each).

How easy are they to find? Not so much. But I really suggest trying to track them down. Great small figures.

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