FigureFocus 303 Kabaya Dinoworld Maiasaura

This is the second Kabaya figure I’ve looked at, so I can skip a little of the preamble. They are a Japanese set of dinosaurs/prehistoric animals that appear to have followed the general concept of Dinotales, with their own spin. For one, the figures are all a different, hollow plastic that feels more resistant. For another, the figures require assembly, but at most is only a few side-to-side pieces. Finally, they sculpts are all brilliantly done (I think they’re by Araki) so they are consistent…and quite vibrant. The paint jobs are a little more subdued and less creative, but realistic at least.

The Maiasaura seen here is one that, for whatever reason, I have two of. One, I got when I received the full box set of 20 so that makes sense…The other one, no idea why I’d have two of them (I seem to frequently have two of small Maisaaura figures for some reason). As a figure, it’s a nice rendition of a brooding individual, with a pose that looks less like resting and more like shifting position. The eggs look a little awkward somehow, maybe a little upright or something? But it’s hard not to include eggs with Maisaura figures, since that’s their claim to fame! Overall the Kabaya figures are decent ones, no longer in production but frequently showing up in random dino lots on Japanese auctions, etc, and often misidentified (probably how I received my spare). Nice enough, and while the sculptor is notable, the figures are sort of forgotten compared to other Japanese lines–so it is possible to find them for relatively reasonable amounts if they’re of interest.

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