FigureFocus 298 FameMaster DX 4D Puzzle Velociraptor

In keeping with the name of today’s subject’s name, we have a quick look at a FameMaster puzzle figure. But not a normal figure from them as seen before. This one is a little different by being big–FameMaster actually has a variety of themes and puzzles, and a number of different sets. And that includes some especially unique and large shopiece ones–like this DX-line Velociraptor. DX was a small line of a few very large figures (DX meaning DELUXE) that I think mostly included a few dinosaurs, maybe a couple of other animals (I found reference to a great white shark). There’s not a lot of information out there about them–or of FameMaster overall–anymore.

This Velociraptor is the only one I have, or to be clear, my son has. I think he picked it up on a vacation somewhere dinosaur oriented (which honestly doesn’t limit the possibilities much, that’s a thing we’ve done many times). We picked this puzzle up probably 10 years ago, he would have been quite young, and was quite adept at the smaller puzzles, so why not go with the giant version!? This figure is not too bad, although obviously very out of date given that it is maybe 12 years old. More disappointing, the science at the time that this figure came out indicated that there should have been some feather covering (at minimum, the Safari toob Velociraptor in the Feathered Dinos toob already existed. But as a very nicely painted version of a classic Jurassic Park ‘raptor, it is pretty much right there. It even has the bunny hands (the wrists are rotated wrong). But it does look nice on the shelf; if you can find one, which doesn’t appear to be that easy.

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