FigureFrenzy 284 Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Gomphotherium, Velociraptor

Taking a look at a weird and wide variety of prehistoric figures. Representing all kinds of geologic ages and taxonomic groups! Also…pretty wide range of quality.

Dino Magic Fizz-N-Surprise ‘Brontosaurus’ Skeleton (GLOW!)

Well let’s start with what will obviously be the low point…another figure from the Dino Magic series. I have to say, it’s representative of the worst of the set. And that’s saying a lot, since the figures overall are pretty awkward and poor. But this Brontosaurus skeleton is especially odd and round; admittedly, similar to the reconstructed figure, but it’s even less convincing as a skeleton somehow. Probably because it’s really just the ‘body’ with indents to represent a few ribs. It doesn’t do a good job. But because they were considered the ‘chase’ figures (why do toy companies assume kids enjoy skeletons the most?) they have the special feature of glowing! OOOOH! These were only briefly available, and with maybe two or three exceptions (hopefully I get to those at some point) aren’t really worth pursuing.

It GLOWS! Exciting! Still not worth tracking down.

Colorata Real Figure Box Discover Dinosaurs Dimetrodon

Following up with a figure that’s older than the DinoMagic (literally) and geologically older (from the Permian!) we have a figure from Colorata’s first prehistoric attempt, a Dimetrodon from their Real Figure ‘Dinosaur Discovery’ box (number 01 in the set–geologically logical!) I know, it’s not a dinosaur (there’s at least one pterosaur too). This box was one of their earliest releases, after the start of the figure box collections, so probably earliest 2000s. The figures are well-made, even if some are a little old-fashioned looking…like this Dimetrodon, presented in a sprawling, lizard-like pose (maybe it’s sunbathing?) It’s decent, and interestingly, I think the only model not revised as Colorata has made more, vastly improved ‘dinosaur’ collections, so let’s hope they have a Permian one up their sleeve. The set is not especially easy to find given the age; I was fortunate to get mine with the box, but not bases…fortunately, it’s easier to make bases. The Dimetrodon didn’t have one though. An interesting model, and set, for a collector, but there are lots of easier to find versions of this famous sailback!

Acheson Creation ‘Primaeval Designs’ Gomphotherium

And now for something completely different, another RPG prehistoric figure from Acheson Creations’ Primaeval Designs series. This model is number PD2005, their take on Gomphotherium. As with other plastic models (and yes, the metal ones too)from Acheson Creations there is a lot of detail pushed into these small figures–which makes sense given that they are meant for 1/28 mm modeling. In a way, the solid plastic makes it easier to get some of the fur and skin details into the figures that a softer PVC might not allow; the series tends to make the larger models in this material, and smaller figures (or ones with thinner legs) from metal. There is a distinctive style to the figure, with a face clearly meant to look a bit more aggressive than neutral (the better to face RPG people with perhaps?) The figures are still readily available and overall not expensive, so easy to add for any interested collectors.

Safari AMNH Feathered Dinos toob Velociraptor

Finally, a figure from what may have been one of the first really good ‘improved’ toobs from Safari–now listed as the Feathered Dinos toob, it was originally marketed as the AMNH Feathered Dinos Toob, and came out in…2009 apparently, number 681904. At the time, it was released in conjunction with a number of larger-size models of feathered dinosaurs as well, although the design and paint was often very different. I seem to recall that this was all done in association with the American Museum of Natural History, where a lot of work was being done at the time. The Velociraptorin the set is a wonderful little figure, one of the earliest to depict the animal as truly feathered; it was not until 2017 that a larger feathered ‘raptor was produced (they had released and re-released other, naked versions up until then). This toob overall is worth it just for the 6 feathered dinosaurs, although the other 6 dinosaurs are decent–better than the ones in the standard toob. It is still available, but based on what I’ve seen, it is certainly worth trying to track down an original toob–as I’ve mentioned previously, the attention to paint detail has been reduced markedly, and the earlier figures are far more striking.

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