Vault Tales 270 FigureFrenzy Binturong, Macaw, Beaded lizard, Fire salamander

Quick look at some figures of modern animals, in the usual wide range of types and quality…a few of them are great. A few of them…are definitely figures. Of tetrapods. You’ll see.

Play Visions Binturong (?)

So, first off, a figure that I am so glad to have! A mystery figure of sorts…this is the Binturong from the Play Visions ‘Genets, Civets & Mongooses’ set. This set, released in 1998, this set was really groundbreaking as far as species go–and this is the first time a ‘binturong’ was made as a figure. And, really, it still hasn’t. From what I can tell, most people are more likely to refer to it as a Asian palm civet. The colour pattern is definitely not a binturong. I’ve seen live binturongs. They are not spotted. Or slender like that…but an Asian palm civet at least fits the shape. The colouring is a little too broad compared to the real animal but that’s par for the course for these Play Visions sets. The set overall is definitely highly sought after even if the figures aren’t always identified correctly, and most are still the only versions of those animals–these families of carnivorans tend to be overlooked (except the meerkat of course). But, of course, like most of their best sets this one was discontinued in the early 2000s. And it tends to be pretty pricey.

Safari Ltd ‘Wings of the World’ Hyacinth Macaw

Next up, one of the (relatively) few birds in my collection (although it lives in my son’s cabinet). This Hyacinth Macaw is part of Safari’s Wings of the World collection of bird figures; not sure why birds get a whole series, where’s the fish only one (no, marine life sets doesn’t count)? I can’t completely recall why or how I got it, probably when I was ordering for the museum store–good chance to get figures I wouldn’t normally see. I do enjoy this macaw though, it is a very striking model. This figure is item number is 264229, and the good news is that it appears to still be in production! So it’s an easy one to add to a collection!

Bin figure Fire salamander?

Next, a small salamander, probably a Fire salamander. It’s a little rough, as is the rest of the set. I originally found them in a bulk bin in a Dollar Store, when I first moved to this city–and I never saw the set there again. I was able to get a number of them, the ones that were most unusual, including this weird little amphibian (most of the set was various tetrapods, a scattering of lizards, amphibians and maybe a tuatara?) The sculpt and paint is a little off but it’s good as a toy model. Really, we need more sets of reptile figures that are affordable and good as toys for kids (or collectors). Especially because it’s something different, but with models that can be identifiable but I have no idea if it is still available.

Safari Ltd Reptiles toob Beaded Lizard

Speaking of reptile sets, I will say that this one may…not be so great. This is a figure from the Safari Ltd Reptiles toob, number 695704. This set is notable as being one of the oldest Safari Ltd toob series, possibly near their beginnings. And it very much shows–the figures are not marked, and are kind of generic reptile figures. As well, the set contains a lot of figure–16 different sculpts, 2 of each figure! All for the same price as a normal toob! The figure here is apparently a Beaded lizard. This is the guess that I had originally made, and it appears that Safari thinks so too–their website description lists beaded lizard as one of the reptiles. And yes…despite so many awesome sets having been produced and discontinued, this reptile one appears to still be around, in it’s original form. The figures are at best toy quality, and while I just said that we need more toy reptile sets…I would like to see better.

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