Vault Tales 268 FigureFrenzy Ichthyosaurus, Opabinia, Ammonite, Stethacanthus

All prehistoric! All aquatic! All kinds of different taxonomic groups. And wildly diffefrent companies. Just a small glimpse of the range of figures I have I guess.

Dinotales Series 2 Ichthyosaurus

We’ll start with a figure from a series that, of course, I’ve looked at many times before, from Kaiyodo Dinotales series 2. In this case, it’s the Ichthyosaurus figure, number 034. There isn’t much to say about the series as this point. The figure, though, is great. Probably the most unique Ichthyosaurus colour design I’ve seen–and there are a lot of Ichthyosaurus representations out there. The funny thing is that I almost didn’t get it when I did…I had originally ordered the tetrapod figure and accidentally typed Ichthyostega (it’s supposed to be Acanthostega). And the seller accidentally sent me this figure instead…of course, I wasn’t disappointed to have it, it’s really nice in the hand. It’s also unusual in being one of the few single-piece models, no assembly needed. Great figure, but of course they’re really hard to get hold of now…

Innovative Kids Groovy Toobs Gone Extinct Ammonite

Next, another figure from the Groovy Tubes Gone Extinct book set. This time it’s the Ammonite figure, identified in the book as Imperial Ammonite, although, it’s pretty generic. The figure is decent, with some unique ornamentation, and the head and tentacles are just not-nautilus enough to look more correct. It’s fine as far as a small mollusk figure would go. Not much more to say about it, other than it’s a great size for matching with other marine prehistoric figures. It is also indicative of how unique this book+game+toy set is. I would say the figure, and the set, are definitely worth trying to find. Too bad it didn’t last long and when is available, it can be really expensive.

Safari Ltd Prehistoric Sharks toob Stethacanthus

And next, another Safari Ltd Prehistoric Sharks toob figure, a classic set that I’ve clearly looked at, individually, several times. Maybe sometime I’ll just get to the whole toob set. Which I’m just going to lament again, was discontinued way too soon. As it is, the Stethacanthus that was made is a great little figure, definitely catching all of the important parts (and no extra fins like the pleuracanths). I do like how dynamic it is–there are other Stethacanthus figures of course–I have several as it is (seen amongst many euchondrocephalans here). But it is a nice representation and you should definitely try to find the toob if you can (I personally am glad I have a few doubles of the figures).

ROM Primeval Predators Opabinia

Oooh! This is a cool one! Released in 2001 or so, made for the Royal Ontario Museum, an Opabinia from the Primeval Predators set–a set of 5 Burgess shale figures in varying plastic, and a whole lot of colours. I was lucky to be in grad school at the time–and people I was there with knew people at the ROM who were involved. This meant that we knew when they were released, and even better, knew when the far closer Royal Tyrell Museum had them in stock. As soon as I knew, it meant a very long drive to Drumheller (I went to school in Saskatoon…it’s a long drive) because a) dinosaur museum! and b) crazy unusual Burgess shale figures! I was lucky–the store display didn’t have them all out, but they did have all of them in stock, so I’ve had them since they were first released. I am honestly unsure if they are still around, although I know that Tyrell has not had them for years. The figure is really nice, although I think it might have inaccuracies but the colouring and design is really cool. If they are available, get them. If not…go back in time and get them?

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