Vault Tales 260 FigureFrenzy Stegosaurus+Allosaurus, Goldfish, Sea turtles, Salamander, Gar

Bunch of random figures yet again! Overall, pretty great figures. Including a cool gar from a company I haven’t visited for a while. There’s even going to be a few paired figures!

Takara DinoExpo 2012 Dino Kingdom Stegosaurus+Allosaurus

First up, we have a pair of dinosaurs that were released as part of a set with a Japanese Dinosaur Expo in 2012. The set featured a trio of notable predatory theropods, and associated herbivorous dinosaurs (except for the secret chase figure…a very cool Yutyrannus). This pairing is of course the famous Jurassic pair of dinosaurs, Allosaurus and Stegosaurus. As with all of the figures in the set, they came with black bases with gold labels for the species. The bases then allowed the dinosaur pairs to rest next to each other in an action pose. But this Jurassic pair has an even more action-packed feature (all you needed was the other tail piece, that came with the Stegosaurus):

Getting the series was of course difficult–the figures were only released for the Expo, and I believe I was able to get mine from a fellow collector somehow. I am not sure ow easy they are to find now–admittedly, of the 6 regular figures, the Chinese species are the most interesting. Still, they are a neat take on these animals.

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Fantail Goldfish

Next up we have a large goldfish figure from Safari’s Incredible Creatures series. Released in 2013, this was one of a few fish they released that year (so good year!) This one is their Goldfish, item 263629. I don’t have a lot to really say about it–it’s a goldfish, which is a pretty standard fish to make as a toy, one would think. Oddly, there aren’t a ton of models made, considering the familiarity and popularity of goldfish. As far as fish go, it’s not super exciting, but it is a nice one, a was probably a great one for kids to play with. It was discontinued in 2019, so it might still be a figure that can be found (from personal experience, Safari figures that are retired are often findable for years after!)

Colorata Real Figure Box Sea Turtles 1 Hawksbill Sea Turtles

And then we have a pair of Hawksbill Sea turtles. They are from a Colorata Real Figure Box, Sea Turtles 1. When I got the set, it was one of two box sets of Sea Turtles, and each box came with four adults and their four associated baby turtles. From what I can tell, the adult turtles are roughly to scale with each other, while the baby turtles are all the same size (and not to scale with anything in particular). All of the adults have a rod and base, and then there was a larger base that all of the bases fit onto. It’s very fancy (someday I’ll hit the set as a post). As would be expected, the figures are very well made and very well painted (although it’s hard for me to judge the baby one). Great set–and while my version is no longer available, Colorata re-released the sea turtles as one collection with five species and their babies. And not even individual bases for the adults. So…lesser. I would definitely recommend trying to find the two original sets of sea turtles, but in any case they are very nice models.

Wild Republic River Nature tube Marbled Salamander

And now we have a salamander figure from the Wild Republic River set, item number 63308, from (apparently) 2000. The Wild Republic box sets are now referred to as ‘Nature Tubes’ in case you’re wondering. It’s very specific (or, it at least eliminates the mermaid ones…?) Anyway, it’s apparently meant to be a Marbled Salamander, albeit a fairly stylized and soft-looking one (does that make sense? Look at it and tell yourself it isn’t soft! Although the material is normal solid PVC). As with many latter day Wild Republic figures, it’s not the best representation of a salamander figure (for example, here’s a classic Safari salamander figure vs an earlier Wild Republic salamander). Most of the set is kind of at this level–broadly representing their species, but there are definitely better of all of the included species. I would honestly not have thought that this set was from that long ago (I usually associate better figures from Wild Republic at that time…) snd apparently it’s still available. I guess if you really need it…I probably only have it because I had an order with MiniZoo (out of Australia) and decided to tack it on.

Replica Toy Fish 6″ Alligator gar

Finally, one of my favorite small figures! It’s the Replica Toy Fish Alligator Gar, one of the six large fish models released when they first hit the market. It was referred to as the six-inch series, although the figures vary. They are awesome toys, and I have to say that I really like the larger figures, probablybecause the larger scale makes the details clearer. This alligator gar is a good example, even the teeth are visible in the mouth! It goes without saying that I really like these figures and think everyone should have them. Or should have had them. Of course, the entire company folded up several years ago, and that was the end of the large, awesome fish models; the follow up company (Toy Fish Factory) only released 3-inch figures (and…might be done now?) It’s very disappointing that these figures are not only out of production, but they are super hard to find. I really hope you (meaning everyone) was able to get one when the wanted one.

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