Vault Tales 256 – Shelf Profile – Dinosaur/Prehistoric Toy Highlights

So, today it’s another visit to the shelves…I can’t believe that the last time I did one of these was over 200 posts ago! I have a lot of shelves, one would think the Random Number Generator would have hit one again. But here we are, and this one features fewer figures, all officially toys, but not really ones that I would personally play with…

And it’s still pretty crowded! As seen in the banner photo, we have two sides of a top cabinet. One side is mostly sauropods and a few ornithischians–often ones that are just too tall to fit the normal shelves! The other side is made up of some of the theropods that I find especially engaging, and some of my largest prehistoric marine reptiles and crocodilians (and a whale!). Plus, a few smaller figures on each to fill them out.

Sometimes it’s easy to determine which figures go in these top showcase cabinets. Giants like the CollectA Jobaria, Safari Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus, Carnegie Brachiosaurus and especially the Invicta Mamenchisaurus really need some space to be seen–and some height! There are some other smaller CollectA sauropods, like the original green Diplodocus, the Argentinosaurus, Plateosaurus and Daxiatitan. It’s not just sauropods though.

For a sense of balance, it can’t just be the giant figures (also, the Papo Brachiosaurus still doesn’t fit). So it’s some of my favorites, often some recent figures, which are often among the best ones they’ve done. And, of course, being recent means I usually need to find space too! This includes figures like the CollectA Bajadasaurus and Borealopelta which are beautiful little figures and need some attention. Also the Safari Psittacosaurus and their incredible Microraptor, and a few CollectA ornithopods (Mantellisaurus and Olorotitan). Again, lovely little figures that I thought could use a bit of a spotlight.

The next shelf is in two levels. Still lots of figures! And again, a bunch of favorites! Also, a really hard one to get a decent photo of…

The top shelf is mostly some very big theropod figures, again, some impressive ones. Different range of companies this time–of course we have Safari in there, with their amazing feathered Tyrannosaurus and their Giganotosaurus. And just because some things need the space, the Safari Sarcosuchus is right up front and centre, a relatively new figure, and a personal favorite. Also in there, we have a Battat from the recent release, the Acrocanthosaurus, and the really nice Favorite Baryonyx (this figure is the reason I didn’t get the Safari one, as they are fairly similar). And of course, there are some CollectA models in there–their deluxe Spinosaurus is notable, as it was inspired by the at-the-time new revelations of the the physiology of that dinosaur, and had come out so rapidly (and yes, there are already more ‘modern’ figures, but it took awhile); and the deluxe Carcharodontosaurus. And of course, a few small models, I think all from CollectA (the Ichthyovenator, Koreaceratops, feather juvenile Tyrannosaurus) plus one Carnegie, their Deltadromeus, which is just such a neat figure!

The last shelf is a smaller number, but they’re again, big. Really big. Most of which represent marine reptiles. This is also the only shelf with a Schleich figure–in this case two of them, their very big ‘Replicasaurus’ Kronosaurus and Deinosuchus. These figures are from a time when Schleich could, and did, make some very impressive and well-made prehistoric animals. It’s…been a while since that was true. Rounding it out are of course a few large deluxe and standard figures from CollectA, including their Rhomalaeosaurus (seen in a post here) and Pliosaurus, plus the smaller Hydrotherosaurus (another one of those figures that I really like) and, to break the reptile monopoly, their lovely Basilosaurus. And then just one more–always have to get one Carnegie figure in there, this time their Ichthyosaurus.

So that’s a look at just a small couple of shelves displaying my collection. It’s interesting to go through these kinds of posts (okay, kinds of post once…every 200 posts…) to revisit what it where. And why. And yes, I did take some time to revamp the shelf a little before I wrote this one. It’s hard to overhaul the whole display, but little bits at a time are not so bad. Hopefully I will be able to visit another shelf a little sooner. Honestly, they change all the time anyone, since I’m always adding to them!

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