Vault Tales 221 FigureFrenzy Rutiodon, Helicoprion, Reef shark, Jackal, Postosuchus

Back to some random figures, but as a group, ones that I am overall pretty fond of! I think you’ll agree that they’re all collection worthy for various reasons.

ActionProducts I-Dig-Sharks Helicoprion

First up, a strange, short-lived figure from a company known for dig-out kits. The figure is Helicoprion, from the “I Dig Sharks” series, made by Action Products. There were five in the series, and at the time it was the only source for a few well-known but uncommon-as-figures shark species (and one completely bizarre one). The set came out in the mid- to late-2000s…and the only way I was able to get them is by bringing them in to the museum gift shop! It was worth it, and they were super popular with kids and with collectors. Then Action Products went under, and took the series with it. I’m glad I was able to get the whole set of 5 before that happened, but it’s too bad that they were never that easy to find–and are pretty much impossible to find now. They are certainly older looking (like the Yowies Helicoprion) and just a little cartoonish (again…kind of like Yowies!) but as solid figures, made great toys. At least the Safari sharks toob eventually came along to get prehistoric shark toys back out there!

Safari SeaLife Whitetip Reef Shark

Next up, we have a really interesting shark figure, a Whitetip Reef shark from Safari. It was released recently in 2018, item numbe 100100. I am always excited to see shark figures, especially of species that we don’t see very often–or in this case, hadn’t seen before. It was great to see Safari make a different reef shark, as several blacktip reef shark figures have recently come out (including one from Safari!) And it was also a good opportunity to learn that there are different whitetip sharks (Safari has also made an oceanic whitetip reef shark! Very different animal). There’s a lot of neat little details in it, with a lot of attention paid to the eyes, and the paint application is really well-shaded. Certainly a really nice shark figure, and definitely one worth getting.

Kaiyodo Dinotales Series 3 Rutiodon

Next, we revisit the Dinotales figures from Kaiyodo. I think I may have run out of things to say about them, I have lots (at least one of each species made) but short version, they are always excellent figures. The one we’re looking at today is their Rutiodon, one of very few phytosaur figures that exist, but probably one of the best ones. Given the small size, there is a lot of detail in it, and they made sure to capture the distinctive traits like the high up nasals and even the jagged teeth are present. This figure is from the Dinotales Series 3 from 2002 (and also Series 1 of the DinoMania attempt in North America in 2003), number 62 in the series. As with the other models, these are of course no longer being made (and disappointingly has not seen a reissue unlike a few Dinotales species). That said, they are vey much worth hunting down, we don’t have enough great Triassic animals figures.

Schleich African Wildlife Jackal

Next, a more classic figure from back when I was mainly a Schleich collector, their original Black-backed Jackal. It was released in 2003 under item number 14345, and retired shortly thereafter in 2005. It’s too bad, as we don’t usually see wild dog figures that aren’t wolves or foxes…and we didn’t see another decent black-backed jackal until CollectA brought one out in 2014 (there were other jackal figures…but different species and also not available long!). This figure is definitely from back when Schleich was more appealing to me, and the figure has a lot of character, even if it is a little static, and the paint job is a little understated. They are not especially easy to find of course, but it can be tracked down. Lots of Schleich fans still looking for it though!

Mattel JurassicWorld FK Savage Strike Postosuchus

Finally, the most recent figure in the group, and one of my more recent figures as of writing. It’s the Postosuchus from the Mattel Jurassic World Savage Strike series. It is item code GJN90, but I am not sure how those numbers relate to their figures on the whole. It’s always really hard to tell when these came out–I’ve never seen them in store, actually only getting it through a trade with a friend in the US. And I have yet to actually see any in stores anywhere around me still–which is why I needed to get one however I could. I don’t necessarily need to track down every Jurassic World figure, but I am always eager to add another Postosuchus or other rauisuchian to the collection. As a figure, it is distinctive, and the blue colour is unique (if, well, unlikely). It would have been great if they had tried to design it in a way that it could be posed bipedally as well as quadrupedally, but let’s not kid ourselves, they are not always up on the research with these. Nice figure, matches well with some of the other Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Permian-Triassic models. If you can find it it might appeal to you (but there are lots of other Postosuchus figures out there, so it should be possible to find at least a few of them!)

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