Vault Tales 206 Run the Set OUMCRAFT ‘Life’ Game figures part 2

Only a couple days ago, I wrote about the first Oumcraft models I received in conjunction with my Life game from Kickstarter. Those ones focused on the Silurian and Devonian figures, including a number of acanthodians, conodonts, agnathans and early vertebrates. This time around, I will show the figures from the Devonian stage of the game (although there are a number of Carboniferous taxa as well–that particular age does not have a round in the game). There are quite a few more species, and they represent a number of lobefins including lungfish, coelacanths and tetrapodomorphs; a few more arthrodires and placoderms; and even one chondricthyan in the form of what appears to be another Euchondrocephalan. As with last day, I don’t have a lot to say, other than they are so awesome to have!

The range of figures that came about from the ‘Devonian’ range of the game, the fifth level, probably consisted of some taxa that were probably among the highest on my wish list for Palaeozoic fish. The numerous lobefins alone…I don’t think any other relatively available (keyword: available) coelacanth species have ever been produced, other than modern Latimeria. To say nothing of some new lobefins and other early tetrapods. For some reason…I skipped the species that I already had (Acanthostega, Ichthyostega…I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea). But I did add a bunch of new ones!

Now that I have these in hand, I am really excited that it happened…and also kicking myself that I didn’t get others. In the run up to the Kickstarter fulfillment, the figures were offered at a reduced price and I foolishly didn’t get a lot more. I know I put the link up in the last post, but again take a look! Everything can be seen at I should have looked closer–there are some weird early invertebrates that should be in my collection…and every collection.

At this point, I have kind of run out of things to say about the fiugres themselves. The figures are of course very well made, even if there are little errors here and there (it happens). So many details have been put into them. I should mention, as should be clear, that they are all fixed to bases. The markings indicate elements of the game, and how the species interact with each other. Again…I just haven’t had time to get into the game, but I have gone through all of the game pieces–every figure is indicated on a cardstock disc, with the same stats.

One question that has come up–are the bases removable? I would say not really; some of the figures are moulded on them to the side, and the single-plastic design means the figure would likely get some damage. Honestly, fish figures like these are probably better suited to being on bases. Gives them a little more life.

My next biggest challenge–with this many figures, of such interesting nature and quality…I am going to need to make a lot of changes to my shelves. It’s a weird problem to have. But one I’m glad to have! This is a great time to be a collector of prehistoric figures.

I guess there is one other challenge…if someone were able, one of the Kickstarter pledges involved receiving every figure, hand painted by the designer! That is going to be a lot of work! Mine, of course, are plain grey, which suits me; but it does make me think I should have doubled up on at least a few, maybe give the painting a try. I have done it before…I wouldn’t consider those efforts to be masterful, but it’s something I guess.

It is the Devonian models where some of the ‘biggest’ figures are found; in quotes because biggest is still around 5cm long. This does reflect the effect the animal has in the game–the largest dominant predators which of course is the goal in a game about evolution.

Nothing more to say…here’s another picture!

So that was fun. Looking at a whole bunch of fish figures, many of which I never would have thought would be made into models. Of course, this is just the tip of a huge iceberg of Palaeozoic species that exist but don’t get made as toys or models, so this is a great start. Even better…I do still have some yet to come! So, yeah, I will be following up when those get here (around July apparently). Until then, I can enjoy these ones and work out the game. And, again, I highly recommend checking out the Oumcraft site and seeing everything there! And in case anyone is wondering…there was talk of working further up geologic time…I would personally love to see some expansions into the Permian, Triassic and beyond. I can’t image how broad that range could get though, even if it stayed with aquatic/amphibious creatures…

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