Vault Tales 189 Safari Ltd Postosuchus x 2

So the random number generator picked what may be one of their finest prehistoric models for this post–so I decided to pair it with its mini counterpart from a toob set. I am speaking about the Dinos & Prehistoric Animals series Postosuchus, number 287329. This figure was probably one of the real linchpins in Safari turning from a dino toy maker to a dino collectable maker. Released in 2009, it was an immediate hit with collectors, and was a welcome addition to collections. Before that, I think all we had was the really hard to find Walking with Dinosaurs model by Toyway. With this figure, Safari pulled out all the stops–the sculpt it brilliant, with a tonne of detail, and the paint job is top notch.

Maybe I should say ‘was’ top notch. Because we can’t have nice things for very long, it was discontinued in 2014. But until that time, it was easily one of the best prehistoric models around. Of course, there is room for some improvement now; from what I understand there is research suggesting that Postosuchus was probably bipedal, based on the much shorter and thinner front limbs. But based on what we knew at the time of the sculpt, it was a remarkably good representation. And a definite must for any collection…honestly it still is, even if it’s harder to get hold of. And because it’s so good, Safari wasn’t done with it yet!

Yes, the same species was included in the Safari Prehistoric Crocodiles toob (item 679804), released in…2011. I have mentioned the toob before and how I had a hand in its production…and my disappointment that the set is discontinued. Anyway, the inclusion of a miniaturized version of their fantastic Postosuchus was a great addition, even if it was just one of several models indicating it was more of an ‘archosauromorph’ toob…but I guess crocodile is more marketable. Regardless, the figure is a fairly good representative of the larger model–but even has the raised front foot, yet balances well. The small size of this figure (and some of the others) makes it great for to-scale models with larger dino figures.

Either way, both figures are excellent representatives of Postosuchus, and despite a few other recent figures, these are still among the better ones in either size range. Which is why, again, it’s a huge shame that both are discontinued. I am of course a huge fan of the non-dinosaur prehistoric models and try to collect as many as possible (except overpriced ones from a certain company…) and these ones are easily among my favorites. I honestly couldn’t say how difficult or expensive they are to find but easily worth it. I’m just glad I have a few doubles of them (somewhere…)

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