Vault Tales 181 ToyTrio Alligator, Rhamphorhynchus, Poison Dart Frog

Well here’s a truly broad assortment of figures…I don’t even have two of them on display, for various reasons. Let’s jump right in! And we’ll probably keep these short…

Animal Kaiser American Alligator

First up, yet another Animal Kaiser figure (I have a surprising number…hopefully I eventually draw one of the ones I was actually trying to find). This American Alligator figure is from their series 3 releases. And I can at least be certain of the species, as it is actually identified on their associated cards and other materials. Some of the figures are a little (or incredibly) cartoonish, but I appreciate the species-level identifications. This figure is pretty decent–hits all of the identifiable points for an alligator, and captures the basic morphological features, like the broad snout (which helps when comparing with their crocodile figure–of course there’s one although I don’t have it!) The figure is fairly realistic and dynamic, which gives it a lot of playability or character for dioramas, although I don’t display it. These figures are of course only available on auction/resale now, but might be worth it as a curiosity–I got mine in large lots of random figures, which is more fun.

Mattel Jurassic World Attack Pack Rhamphorhynchus

Next up, one of many recent Jurassic World figures, the Rhamphorhynchus from their Dino RIvals-Attack Pack series. A fair bit of articulation makes it more poseable, although the limited points kind of restrict how well those poses look. A joint at the wrist could give a better ‘resting’ posture. Like many of the Mattel figures, I don’t think Rhamphorhynchus had any presence in the past couple of movies (maybe any of them?) but it’s great that they made it. These figures probably only appeal to some collectors, definitely not ones that are more focused on proper scientific reconstruction, but they’re fun, and I still have a fondness for the series based on the original so I still pick up some of them, yes, these do get displayed (although not a main shelf!). I don’t know if the green one is still in production (the distribution and production of these series is a mystery) but I have recently seen a new version in a red paint scheme. I don’t feel a need to gather every version, but if someone needed this particular figure at least one is available.

Action Products “Deadly Kiss” Blue Poison Dart Frog

Finally, a figure that is more interesting for it’s history than as a particular figure. As a Blue Painted Dart Frog it’s very well made, and the colour palette is a really nice application, with some nice subtle marking and fading. So, nice enough, but I don’t display it, my daughter claimed it! What makes this figure unique is the source–I want to say late 2000s, there was a Discovery Channel store–and they had all kinds of merchandise. What was interesting to me was a line of carded figures made by Action Products, a toy company that used to exist, and made a broad assortment of products. The carded sets were groups of five animals in some kind of broad theme; the Dart Frog was part of “Deadly Kiss”, five animals notable for how venomous they all are. I only have a couple from the sets I got, most were traded or otherwise dispersed. They are interesting sets, long out of production and pretty difficult to find. And honestly, most of the animals represented have been made many times before–so while unique sets (and definitely ones to grab if the opportunity presents itself) probably not worth going through a lot of trouble to find.

Writer’s note–I am really enjoying these shorter, quick styles of figures. I think after this one, I might start going with a few more figures/post. Maybe four, maybe five. We’ll see. Maybe the randomly picked figures from my list will guide the numbers!

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