Vault Tales 159 ToyTrio Achaeon, Ladybug, Placerias

We’ve got a wide assortment of figures here–representing ‘tiny’ in different ways! Some figures are tiny, some figures represent the super tiny, and some figures represent tiny animals fairly closely. It also mean tiny sections…not much to say about little figures sometimes!

Yujin NHK Miracle Planet Archaeon

First off, representing the tiniest life forms possible (almost) and one of the earliest too! This is another figure in the Yujin NHK Miracle Planet series. This set was made as part of the promotion of the Japanese documentary by the same name. There has been some discussion of what exactly, this figure represents, but it is likely meant to represent some of the earliest unicellular life–not exactly a commonly represented organism! The figure itself is pretty basic–for my copies, the rod doesn’t even come out of the ball-shaped figure. The base is nice as well; the figures all have a black base with similar styles, tying them all together. Some of the figures from the set have been re-released by Yujin as gashapon figures, but the Archaeon was not one of them. It’s too bad, as this is definitely a unique model and worth trying to find (as is the set) but of course they are not easy to find…and tend to be expensive (make me glad to have 2 of this one…!)

Safari Good Luck Mini Ladybug

Next up, one of many small figures in the Good Luck Minis series from Safari Ltd. It is a notable line, as many animals, often from the other Safari lines, are represented in tiny, 2cm-or-so figures. Normally, this would be a miniaturization, but for this ladybug figure, that makes it about double the size of a real ladybug! The figures are often surprisingly nice, and hew closely to the designs of the larger models; this ladybug actually seems to be almost too thick in the legs and antennae, probably for production reasons. The figure is a little rough overall, but it is pretty clear what it is. There are of course all kinds of models in the line, there’s probably one in the series that suits everyone. I am pretty sure that this ladybug is still available–Safari will sell you a whole tub of them…but sometimes retailers sell them individually. They also make good little gifts and diorama fillers!

QRF Survive-A-Saurus Placerias

Finally, a tiny figure of a big animal–a metal miniature from QRF (Quick Reaction Force) game company. Much of what they make are traditional war-gaming figures, but back in 2002 or so, I cam across them while looking for figures of Triassic animals. Turns out, there is a whole game featuring Triassic animals, and the little Placerias is one of them. Most of the figures are sold in small lots of 2 or 4, including this Placerias. They are unpainted metal figures…I suppose I could have tried painting at least one by now, but nope, not yet. The details found in these tiny figures is actually still pretty impressive (admittedly, easier to see in the photos than real life!) The series overall is kind of neat, featuring all kinds of prehistoric animals (I once mentioned how uncommon aetosaurs are as figures…this one actually includes a tiny Stagonolepis). The game was originally sold as Surive-A-Saurus, where each part (including instructions) could be purchased separately. And the good news is that they still are! The company has renamed it as QRF Dinosaurs, and they can still be purchased online right here. Highly recommended as long as you are good with tiny figures.

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