Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray

Well, we’re back to a pretty random trio…two are from Colorata, so that’s a link. The other is very much not. But they’re all really nice so there’s that!

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Chipmunk

First up, our Safari figure, from their Incredible Creatures line. This is their Chipmunk, Safari item number 263029. Overall, the line is really interesting–larger figures that are often life-size or even larger than life, but more toy-like and flexible as products. It’s an interesting balance that Safari has struck, since they have maintained their high realism in the sculpts, with excellent models that can withstand a lot more ‘attention’ than some of their more collectable-line figures. Also, many are hollow and float. This Chipmunk is a great example of that–other than, say, trying to make whiskers on the face, this model would make a great stand in for the real thing, especially at a distance.

So what can I say? This Chipmunk figure is very well done. Maybe a little rough in some of the paint but it is meant as a big toy. I have it because…well, I studied fossil rodents and among them were a lot of squirrel relatives, including some that looked like possible chipmunk relatives. So, hey, why not add a big one to the collection? I don’t display it or anything, but there was a time when I would get almost everything that came out from Safari. I would say other fans of mammal figures would enjoy this one too, and chipmunks are not hugely common as figures overall. At least it’s still available!

Colorata Endangered Animals 1 Armadillo

Next up we have a great little Nine-banded Armadillo from a Colorata box set. The set is called Endangered Animals Vol 1, but there has so far been no volume 2…and there is no volume 1 anymore either as it is discontinued. As far as I can tell, the nine-banded armadillo is not considered endangered (especially compared to some of the other animals in the box) but I think the theme was pretty loose anyway (there’s a thylacine…I think those are a little beyond endangered at this point). As always, Colorata has done a great job creating an animal figure with a nice little diorama space.

The figure, like the rest of the set, is very well done, with lots of paint and sculpt details. When on the base it looks especially at home. Most of the figures in the set have similar bases that kind of line up together. Not sure if that is supposed to represent something. I really like having this one, along with the whole set, on my shelves. Of course, Colorata has gotten really productive in the last few years and I haven’t been keeping up…between the price of these sets (only available in Japan) and the space that these things take, I have to be picky now. It’s a terrible thing to suffer, I suppose.

Colorata Sharks of the World 1 Spotted Eagle ray

For our next Colorata, a figure from one of the earlier sets–the Sharks of the World 1, a Spotted Eagle Ray. Again, there’s only one Volume…but whatever. The figure that I have is actually from the earlier iteration of the set–back in that box, there were actually doubles of all of the smaller figures, including the smaller rays and several of the sharks (but not the big ones like the whale and white shark, and the manta). Over time, I traded off most of the doubles because, as always, Colorata is not easy to get, so might as well share out what I can. As it was, I actually already had an eagle ray from the set (there’s always been a market for individual Colorata figures) so I actually had two to trade at one point!

Why would I have already had the figure before eventually getting the set? Because I have always been fascinated with rays (and sharks) and there was always something about eagle rays that I was fascinated by. So of course I would collect any figure that I could get (admittedly…not a whole lot). It’s still easily one of my best ones. And it’s always great that a company like Colorata takes lots of care with the upper and lower surfaces. The static display is a little disappointing (none of the figures have bases at all) but they look fine on the shelf–fills up the shelf a little (one thing about rays…they take a lot of space). And of course I wholeheartedly recommend this figure, and the whole set as well. As mentioned, the set is at least still in production, as long as you can track it down from Japan. Of course. And you’ll only get one now!

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