Vault Tales 146 ToyTrio Amargasaurus, Masiakasaurus, Monolophosaurus

Another ToyTrio, and it features more dinosaurs…except, they’re less common species…and definitely less common figures. Most of which are probably made by better companies but they mostly amuse me.

FameMaster 4D Puzzle Amargasaurus

First up, possibly the least uncommon species and (for once) least uncommon company–another of the 4D puzzle figures from FameMaster. This time it’s their original Amargasaurus, item 20141A. As with other 4D puzzle figures, this one stands out as a fairly decent figure, if not entirely accurate (the feet…oh the feet). Still, nice enough as a figure, or as a toy.

I of course recommend FameMaster figures whenever possible. The range contains some nice figures, and they can present a bit of a challenge to put together which is fun. It’s especially fun if you don’t follow the instructions. I am not sure anymore just how easy FameMaster puzzles are to actually find anymore–they have a website with lots of figures listed, but I rarely see them in stores anymore.

Learning Curve “Dinosaur Train” Masiakasaurus

Next up, I think my first visit with a figure from the PBS show Dinosaur Train. Not sure, but I don’t think the show is on anymore; but it was really interesting. A little strange, but the professional consultant really helped give the show a different vibe. Plus, it meant visiting some unusual dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Best of all, it meant toys were made, and some of them were of unusual species. Like this Masiakasaurus.

I honestly don’t know if these toys are still available…there were a few sub-lines of them, of a variety of species. They never did get every animal from the show made (there was a Mawsonia in one episode…would it have been too much to make that one to go with the Spinosaurus?) The figure is very representative of the animation from the series. The colours and style are of course cartoonish and bright, and while the model is accurate within the context of the show, it’s obviously not a scientific recreation. In a possibly coincidental move for today’s trio*…Safari has made a nice version of both this and Amargasaurus, and it’s also true of the next species (well, genus):

*okay, I’ll admit, it’s not coincidental

Dinowaurs Survival Monolophosaurus

Finally, we have a figure from the Dinowaurs Survival blind bags series. Yes, it’s spelled that way. I think they were released in various parts of Europe, which is why I had to get mine from someone or other in Europe…Spain, I think. I got this one because I did not have a Monolophosaurus at the time. It would be several more years before a decent version would be produced by Safari, but this one is…fine.

There were a few different releases of the Dinowaurs bag sets, this one is from Series 1, apparently the ‘Survival’ series. As may be clear, the whole thing was a collection and incorporate some kind of card-based combat system or something. There were actually a few different lines like this in the late 2000s-early 2010s; I’ve mentioned Dinosaur King before, but there was also a series called Predators from Digitcards, and another blind-collection called Dino-Magic (those are just the ones I can think of, I am sure there are others). They were often some combination of stylized, blind bags, and/or card-fighting games. Of them, Dinowaurs had what I think is the dumbest name, but were probably the lowest quality; the material is a much softer rubber, and the paint jobs are all kind of universally similar and dull. This set is no longer made, but the figures can be found, and often not too expensive. Not sure if they’re worth the effort though.

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