Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair

A ToyTrio today and it’s…diverse. Again. Which is probably an accurate reflection of the animal figures in the house to be honest. I’m going to just jump right in.

CollectA Mini Box Dinosaurs 2 Brachiosaurus

Here we have another figure from a CollectA Mini Dinosaurs box. Set 2 this time (I did an full Run the Set for Mini Box 1 previously). Once again, it is a nice little figure that represents the larger figure well. I am pretty sure that this one is meant to depict the revised version of their standard-size figure. Which is unusual, since there is a deluxe version as well, and the pose on that one is a little more interesting. But either way, at least this iconic dinosaur is included.

I am of course a big fan of these kinds of figures–they take less space, and the box sets give a good range of species. Of course, the figures in the boxes themselves are in no way to scale, but more or less sized the same. I think the Brachiosaurus might even be among the smaller figures in the set. The good news is that the dinosaur sets are still available, depending on how easily CollectA can be found where you are. I was fortunate that CollectA sent me the boxes as samples when they first came out when I was still able to sell CollectA. I’m a fan of the work they do, and was excited to see them start into the mini figures market.

Cosmol & Co Woolly Mammoth & calf

For our next figure(s) we’ll be looking at a more obscure one from Japan, from a company called, apparently, Cosmol and Co. I don’t really know much about them, except that there’s a whole set of little dioramas, all featuring a woolly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius in some kind of terrain. I think it might have been from an expo or something. In this instance, we have something a little more–an adult mammoth with a fairly small calf. They are together on a little roundish-base that has shallow footprint impressions on it, so that we know where their feet go! It might be easy to assume that this is a mother and calf, but the hefty tusks with the deep recurved shape are more like a bull. So this is probably just a scene from a herd; all of the adults in the set are more or less like this.

The set including this figure was obtained in either a trade or purchase from a friend; the set is not common and I was aware of it, but was not actively pursuing it. I may have a preference towards prehistoric mammals, but woolly mammoths are one species that tend to be fairly easy to get! An opportunity presented itself at some point though, so I went for it. They are a bit more cartoonish that Kaiyodo or even Play Visions or CollectA minis, but the different mini dioramas are kind of interesting. And the material doesn’t seem like it would hold up for active play, so they are clearly meant to be display items. It’s a set that might be of interest to dedicated mammoth collectors (yes, I’ve know some) but might only be marginally interesting to others. I have actually tried to sell the set before (mostly for space) but clearly no takers yet!

Schleich Orange Tabby cat

I don’t have much to say about this one…it’s a cat figure. Specifically, a cat from Schleich, number 13286 in the Farm Life series of cats. This one is no longer in production, but I don’t think anyone has to worry that more cat figures won’t be made. I believe we originally got this one for my son, to distract him from my Schleich Smilodon when he was younger. Of course, we ended up getting another Smilodon anyway. Then my daughter enjoyed this cat (and so many others). Now, it’s just kind of there. Farm and pet figures don’t have a huge presence in the collection to be honest, but it’s almost impossible not to have at least a few I guess.

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