Vault Tales 125 Mattel Jurassic World Gallimimus

Surprisingly, after all of this, I don’t think I’ve covered much from the various Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toy lines. Part of this might be that I don’t have a tonne of them; shocking, I know, but I wasn’t really into collecting them during the first movies; and I’ve only gathered a few here and there with the more recent ones. But of the ones available, I decided I need to get this one, the Attack Pack Gallimimus.

I could probably have combined this one in with a Trio discussion, but decided to give a little breathing room. It’s from a famous movie after all! This one is a relatively large figure, about 1:29 scale, and it features an animal from a group that overall doesn’t get a lot of figures, the ornithomimids. This model, item number FPF15 from Mattel, is one of a couple of this genus from the Jurassic World Lost merchandise machine; I chose it over the other commonly available one since it doesn’t have any ‘damage’ gimmick, although the paint job leaves something to be desired. The eyes are just blanks! How hard would black dots have been? So, needing one on my shelf, here it is.

As far as representations go, it isn’t a terrible figure. The tail might be a little short, but that’s par for the course with these figures. It also, of course, does not have any indication of feathers or fuzz or anything…also par for the course. Given their relationships, it is speculated that ornithomimids probably had some kind of feathering, but let’s be honest, we don’t expect most JP dino figures to be up to date. Also, those feet! They’re huge! I guess it’s to provide better stability–and the figure does balance well–but they are massive, and it’s kind of distracting. The paint is realistic if dull earth tones, with a smattering of darker brown dots over the body. Nothing remarkable, and given the detail in the skin textures it doesn’t really highlight the work that went into it.

I don’t mind the errors in the figure, given the source, and given the relative scarcity of figures of this type of dinosaur, it will do. It works well on the shelf, and the stability and articulation make it easy to pose. It’s also still pretty easy to find, so that’s a good plus (unlike so many of the figures I discuss, old Japanese models). There are of course a few others, notably a CollectA Struthiomimus and a few other JP Gallimimus, plus some older ones that I think were made by Marx or MPC. One of the few I do have, though, harkens from the very start of the franchise–compared below, it was one of 6 figures (one for each ‘active’ dinosaur on screen) made by Dakin as merchandise for the original Jurassic Park; at one time I had them all but some of them are now lost to time. It’s interesting to see how different the figures look, given that the source material should be the same. I recommend this one, but with the ‘it’s movie merchandise’ caveat.

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