Vault tales 90 Kaiyodo Dinotales Arsinoitherium

Who makes it? More Kaiyodo Dinotales! From Series 7, just like the previously discussed Dinotales Elasmosaurus. It is 116A, meaning that it is also among the A-line variants like that Elasmosaurus. Again, I only picked up one variety of each animal.

When did it come out? I haven’t discovered a different date since last time…so 2008-ish?

Easily the most dynamic Arsinoitherium figure I know of, or have.

Still available? Only in after markets like auctions. As always, these are limited time series.

Where can it be found in my displays? In the Dinotales cabinet of course!

Seen from the front–charging blindly

How does it fit in the collection? A Kaiyodo Dinotales figure? Of a prehistoric mammal? Of course I would get at least one of the two variants (just the one).

Any story behind it? Same story as the Elasmosaurus. Would have shown up in the same parcel!

A better look at the somewhat unimpressed face

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): A while back I discussed a different Arsinoitherium figure from Prehistoric Panorama. Suffice to say, everything about this one is better. There is more life to it, there is more nuance to the sculpt and details, and although still a little rhino-like in the body, it is more like its own creature. Instead of elephantine skin it is fairly smooth, almost hippo-like, which makes sense given that there are suggestions that Arsinoitherium may have spent more time in mangroves and other watery areas. And the paint application is great, with a really nice shading from the back to the sides, and detailed paint in the eyes, ears and hooves. The seams are of course visible, one of the downsides of the nature of the Dinotales series, but it’s honestly forgivable. And that pose–I don’t think a figure of this animal has been released before or since this one like this, rearing up as if sparring with a competitor or chasing off a predator.

These two figures are almost exactly to scale. It’s weird to think that I could have looked over the back of one! Despite the rhino-like appearance, Arsinoitherium was not quite as gigantic. Still wouldn’t want to get in the way of one.

Would I recommend it? There are many Arsinoitherium figures out there now. So many, in so many sizes. But none are quite like this. For any collectors of fossil animals, especially mammals, this would be a great addition. As always, it’s too bad that they are limited to auctions and resale…and also, most often, limited to Japan to obtain them. But it’s not impossible to get them, there are lots of ways to get them. And the bit of effort it might take would be worth it–with a couple exceptions, this is true of every Dinotales figure, really.

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