Vault tales 72 EoFauna Straight-Tusked Elephant Palaeoloxodon

Who makes it? A small but excellent company called EoFauna. This is literally their second figure ever.

When did it come out? It was released in 2018.

Here it is! Too large to get a proper photo with a full background…

Still available? It hasn’t been out that long, and yes, they are.

Where can it be found in my displays? On a shelf full of big prehistoric mammals. And it is definitely one of the biggest on that shelf.

View from the front. There is a lot of detail in that figure!

How does it fit in the collection? It’s a big prehistoric mammal, of a species not normally done (I skipped their first offering, a woolly mammoth…). Had to add this one!

Any story behind it? Not specifically when it comes to getting it–I placed an order from an Australian online store, and decided to add this one on. Why? because of the real story–the first time I saw and handled the EoFauna Straight-Tusker was on my first trip to London ever! At the TetZooCon 2018 meeting–it was an awesome time, met lots of folks I had only meet in the virtual realm until then, plus I got to check out these new (expensive) figures from an up-and-coming company for the first time! It was convincing, to experience the figure personally. They weren’t for sale though, it was donated as a prize (that I was never going to win…!). But it was convincing for when the opportunity arose.

And the other side. The figure also has a lot of motion to it.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): In a way, I can make this short…EoFauna does their homework, and this is an amazing, massive model. The figure is clearly modeled after a huge Asian elephant (apparently a closer relative than the modern African elephant), with all of the features that make this species different. This includes the big, raised skull, longer forelimbs, and the defining ‘straight’ tusks which, really, do have a slight curve despite the name ‘straight-tusk elephant’. The model stands about 12cm at the shoulder, which indicates a scale of about 1:36 for a big male (and this model is a male). There is a tonne of detail in the skin texture, with color highlights in appropriate places and pinkish brushing on the trunk.

The figure is about 1:35-1:40. Around the same scale as this explorer guy. It’s a big beast of a figure!

Would I recommend it? I’m guessing it was kind of a giveaway that I would absolutely recommend the figure, seeing as I already said I bought it after experiencing it. But still, get it. I wouldn’t recommend it as a toy though–they are not inexpensive, they are heavy, and there’s a good chance that rough play could snap off pieces like tusks. But on the shelf? Or making cool dioramas? It would be a very impressive piece. The company is still quite small, but has been making waves, especially since they recently came out with some dinosaurs as well, but I don’t know enough about them. The quality of their elephant figures, though, is apparently carried through their dinos too. Companies like this, which might be considered ‘small batch’ figure companies, are certainly worth supporting and encouraging.

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