Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark

Who makes it? The second Kaiyodo aquatic figure in a week!? But this is from a very different set–it is more current, and part of what Kaiydo now refers to as their CapsuleQ Museum series–Series 7, Yaeyama, number 052 in the set. These particular series were produced referencing regions of Japan.

Just a little figure, but so much motion is visible

When did it come out? This particular series came out in 2014. They were available as capsule prizes (gashapon). Not sure where in particular these machines would have been set up though.

Still available? If what I’ve found is correct, they are still produced. Probably due to their regional themes, they’re likely popular as local curiosities and souvenirs. But, as with most Kaiyodo figures, they’re only available in Japan (and after market, of course).

The view from the dorsal surface. The tiger stripes are a little pronounced for an adult

Where can it be found in my displays? Along with all kinds of other Capsule figures from Kaiyodo, and other figures as well.

How does it fit in the collection? It’s a shark…and I do try to get the various ones from Kaiyodo. I don’t have as many from their earlier AnimalTales series, but the later CapsuleQ and Capsule Aquarium series are nice.

More of a profile. Because of the curve and rise, it’s difficult to get a view or photo of the figure from just one angle! From here, it can be seen that the figure is a female–no claspers on the pelvic fins.

Any story behind it? Not more than the usual. I obtained it more recently of course–my current source is a friend that has contacts in Japan. They do the buying, they ship them, we buy them with fee to make it worth their time. There are companies that do this as well, but those cost more to use, and this supports a few individuals. I’ve known him for years!

This figure is only 8.5 cm long, so the mouth is probably 1.5cm wide. And yet, the gums are visibly sculpted in the mouth (the teeth aren’t though)!

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Can I say it again? Kaiyodo figures are easily the best! There is so much detail in these small figures. Unlike the previous Red spiny gurnard, this Tiger Shark is made of the more traditional harder plastic–it is not quite as brittle as older ones though. IT is also more traditional in that the figure is comprised of lots of pieces that need to be built. Sadly, the seams are visible. Otherwise, the figure is excellent. Due to the base, the figure has an active, rising pose, as if raising up to investigate something. The paint job is of course well-done. The belly and snout is white, with the back and sides in dark greyish blue. Throughout the sides and back there are this blue stripes painted on, leaving no mistake that the figure is a tiger shark. They are honestly a little too bold…but maybe they could be taken as sunlight dappling?! Really, it’s a great figure, and the fins and head are clearly sculpted to look like a tiger shark; even without the colours it is obvious what shark species it is. The figure itself is 8.5cm, so assuming a length of 5 metres this figure is about 1:60.

The diver is a bit small, or the shark is a little big (based on average lengths), the shark is about 1:60. Still, an imposing figure.

Would I recommend it? I feel like a broken record sometimes, but I really would recommend this one. Tiger sharks, despite their familiarity, are not as common as some other shark species. This one is an interesting size of course–not an easy scale to match up for with dioramas for example. But as a standalone, it’s great. Given the material it’s made of this is not a kids’ figure–they’re tough, and go together easily enough, but accidents can happen. But for shark fans, they are super models and should be on shelves. A little tricky to get your hands on them, but worth the effort!

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