Vault tales 64 Jurassic World FK mini Stegosaurus (Walmart)

Who makes it? This is one of many Mattel products tied in to the Jurassic World–Fallen Kingdom movie. This Stegosaurus is one of the figures in the Walmart bulk bag.

When did it come out? Around the time of the movie, 2018

The figure in its green glory

Still available? As of this writing I think so. It’s hard to say if it varies depending on region.

Where can it be found in my displays? It’s not. There were some more interesting (to me) dinos in that set, and those are out. But a bunch of them ended up in storage. Like this Stegosaurus. I do have other Jurassic Park figures, just haven’t had any show up here yet.

Turned to face you! It’s a pretty narrow figure. And you can start to see the one splash of colour that was on every figure.

How does it fit in the collection? Well, small monochrome dinos are appealing, and like I said, the set had some dinos of interest. Probably wouldn’t have specifically gone for this Stegosaurus if it wasn’t a set.

Any story behind it? Not really. I knew that the set was coming, and it was pretty exciting that it was in Canadian stores almost as soon as in other places. So we got a couple (one for me, one for my son).

I guess it couldn’t be Jurassic Park merchandise without some unnecessary violence on the toy. For some reason. It seems like an afterthought–just a paint blob.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Not going to lie, I know very little about stegosaurs. That said, it is at least immediately recognizable as a Stegosaurus–the high plates on the back, the 4 thagomizer spikes on the tail, the tiny head, the high hips. So they managed that. The sculpt is okay. I think it’s an original one, not a re-release from some earlier set. Again, not in a position to say much about accuracy, but at least it’s in an active pose and doesn’t seem as chunky and sluggish as other depictions. The colour is a flat dark green throughout, with no highlights or washes. There’s lots of detail in the skin and face, and a creative person could probably do a service to the figures in the set by painting the figure, or just doing some highlighting. The one colouring they do is a silly red splash (which is on almost every figure) that I guess is meant to be a wound? It isn’t a sculpted gash or anything, so maybe the dino leaned against a freshly painted wall? Again, a decent paint job could make that go away too.

The figures are small–about 1:77. If this guy is relatively tall, they’d be to scale.

Would I recommend it? It’s an okay set. Like I said, there are some figures of greater interest in there in my opinion (Metriacanthosaurus and Baryonyx come immediately to mind). But as a set of dinos, it’s not too bad. Yes, you end up with the movie hybrids, but you also get a bunch of other dinos, and they aren’t expensive. Displayed correctly you can’t even see the red slashes, which makes them look like the great monochrome dinos like the classic series from Invicta and the ROM dinos; I have mentioned that I find the monochromatic dino figures very appealing. Overall, not a series of dinos for sticklers for accuracy, but better than some other sets of dinos out there. Kids would get a kick out of them if nothing else.

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