Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull

Who makes it? It’s one of the model in the Safari Ltd Dinosaur skulls toob. Item number 687404

When did it come out? It was first released in 2009. Later in 2011, they released figures in a bulk bag. I have ones from both the toob and the bulk bag. They’re the same figure.

Still available? So far, yes.

A skull! Of a Brachiosaurus! Not much more to say…unless…is it really Giraffititan?

Where can it be found in my displays? I currently keep them stored. The kids also have a number of them.

How does it fit in the collection? Well, I have a lot of Safari figures, and have lots of toobs from them. And being prehistoric models, it was a given.

Any story behind it? It was another one that showed up in the good old days of the dinosaur museum. However, these were really important to our programs! We went through tonnes of them–embedded in weak plaster, it was great fun for kids to break them out. And the familiar appearance of one of the most popular dinosaurs’ skulls made them super happy (other skulls…less so. Sorry Oviraptor). They also later got used in make-your-own slime. Both are always popular.

A skull! Discovered in the desert! But I think the vet is a few tens of millions of years late…I think they’e not too far off of true scale.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): I really don’t know enough about sauropod skulls. I do know that it’s not really to the level of, say, the Kaiyodo dinosaur skulls. The solid piece construction make the bones seem thicker than they should be–and the darker ‘matrix’ serves to bulk up the characteristic crest and internal structure, instead of leaving the spaces hollow. But it serves its purpose. More importantly, it’s probably not really Brachiosaurus at all, despite the labeling. Since about 2009 Brachiosaurus, as we know it, has been referred to as Giraffititan, an African genus whose distinctive crest was associated with the American Brachiosaurus as well (but apparently it doesn’t look like that).

Would I recommend it? It’s a decent figure, and an overall decent set. They’d be good augmentations to a display, and (as mentioned) make excellent dig-out models and slime-added toys. Fortunately, they are easy to come across.

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