Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon

Who makes it? Looks like the Random number generator really wanted to look into this set…same as the last post, it’s a figure from the Safari Prehistoric Sea Life toob, 682404

The massive (looking) Safari Toob Liopleurodon

When did it come out? Still available? Where can it be found in my displays? How does it fit in the collection? Any story behind it? Again, not really necessary to go back into this…! It’s all just a big callback to the last post. So things will be more brief than usual.

A good look at the chompers. A little too regularly spaced, but it’s so toothy!

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Well, this will at least be original. Just like the design on this figure! Especially given when it came out–most Liopleurodon figures were heavily inspired by a little program from the BBC, but this one went in a very different direction (another exception being another figure that was recently discussed). The model has a much broader head and heavier body, with a deep green colour. Despite the small size (it’s roughly 1:70 assuming 6.39 metres, the figure still gives the impression of a massive predator. And something really important–the eye is set forward in the skull (some models put the eye in the large space further back, and that’s not an eye!). But the skull is a bit shrink-wrapped, with the various fenestrae seeming too visible. But the rest of the figure has a nice, muscular bulk.

Liopleurodon with a very brave diver. Assuming the reptile is closer to 6 metres, these two figures are almost perfectly to scale.

Would I recommend it? Well, I’m just repeating myself since the one a few days ago…but yes, I would. Again, it’s a shame that it’s no longer in production. But it would be a good addition to a collection of prehistoric animals.

The Liopleurodon and Tylosaurus from the same toob. Assuming that the tylosaur is a smaller species/specimen these two would be sized about right.
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