Vault tales 31 Safari Toob Tylosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Preshistoric Sea Life TOOB, item number 682404

When did it come out? I want to say 2007. But it was apparently 2009.

It’s a small but mighty little figure! Even the teeth, while a little uniform, are distinctly visible!

Still available? I just found out that toob was discontinued in 2017! This is very disappointing to me, as that is a really great set. I hope a new one replaces it soon.

Where can it be found in my displays? On one of the big shelves, filled with a variety of Safari toob animals.

And another view. It’s a great serpentine figure.

How does it fit in the collection? I’m sure I’ve mentioned prehistoric marine collecting before. And a fondness for Safari. And a general preference for small figures (they make displays easier, and if you need game or play pieces, they’re great).

Any story behind it? I was working the Dinosaur museum I’ve mentioned before, and one thing that the general area is notable for is marine reptiles–including Tylosaurus specimens! So of course we had this in the gift shop, and of course I had to have one (okay, a few, actually). It’s a great set and a great teaching tool for the non-dino programs!

Anyone else watch Chased by Sea Monsters!? Great show. The scary part is that the diver is to scale with a 10 metre Tylosaurus, but estimates put it as long as 12 metres!

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): This is a really cool little model with several unique features. The paint scheme is unusual, as it might stand out in open waters, but it is neat. The head has the big blocky jaw and snout seen in some skulls. Even though the figure is small, the impression is of a strong predator, right at the top of the food chain. The skin is well done, not quite smooth but not plated and scaly as seen in early models–and no dorsal frill either! One thing that stands out, and maybe it’s the reason the toob is retired, is that soon after these came out there were mosasaur specimens showing a down-turned fluke to the tail. This model was clearly designed before that came out.

Would I recommend it? I would recommend the whole set, absolutely. Saddened to hear that it’s not still in production but I have a feeling that there are still places online that would have them. Makes me glad that I actually have a few sets!

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