Vault tales 30 Colorata Cheetah

Who makes it? Colorata, from their original Wild Cats Vol 1 box

When did it come out? I think I picked it up in 2006?

Running Cheetah!

Still available? Unlike many of the Colorata boxes, I think this one is still available in its original format. Getting it outside of Japan remains tricky.

And in the other direction. The use of a customizable peg means that the figure can be portrayed with it’s legs only barely touching the ground!

Where can it be found in my displays? On a whole display of various wild animals by Colorata. I’m pretty behind on their newest sets, but they’re pricey and, as I mentioned, hard to get hold of.

How does it fit in the collection? I like small Japanese figures? And wild cats? It was probably a spontaneous purchase to be honest.

Funny thing about the peg though–this was my first Colorata to have the peg, and they come in a standard 6cm or so long format. At the time, I didn’t know or think to cut it, so the figure used to just hove way up in the air…I eventually figured it out and took away its hovering ability!

Any story behind it? Since I was able to get it individually (along with the Ocelot), it probably came from UDF, whom I’d mentioned before. Some sellers and sources pull the figures out of the box sets and sell them individually. This works great if the figure you want is available, but the most sought after ones are usually the toughest to find that way. I’d imagine this also means sellers end up with that one figure that for whatever reason doesn’t get purchased.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Well, my first impression is that this may be the fastest looking Cheetah figure out there. My second is that it’s probably also the shiniest! Overall, Colorata is very good at sculpting and getting the form right, but the colours and paint detail are almost too perfect! I know this isn’t all that helpful, it’s not like any toy can really capture a cheetah’s true look (see photo below). But it is a bit too bright. Just lacks some of the nuances in a cheetah’s overall appearance. I still like it though, because that is one dynamic model!

I feel like I was babbling. Attached is a photo of how they look. A little less bright, a little more variable (taken by S Bell at Busch Gardens Tampa).

Would I recommend it? I will pretty much always recommend Colorata models. They are well crafted, the sets feature a good diversity, and through the use of molded bases or pegs-and-stands (like this cheetah) they often have some of the most interesting bases and designs. The good news is that this cheetah, as part of the wild cats set, is still available for those who do the leg work to get one out of Japan.

Pretty close scale to the human figure here (both near 1:23). The guy is a little tall. Never really thought of cheetahs as ‘big’ until I saw a live one, probably because they’re usually compared to lions or hyenas in media.
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