Vault tales #23 Customized RTF Bull Trout

Who makes it? It’s a customized Bull Trout figure made from their first attempt at a Replica Toy Fish Brook Trout. Don’t you worry, I customized a spare one (I still have an original)

My first attempt at making a trout (well, char) species from another one. I am not really much of a painter, which could be surprising…

When did it come out? Well, the first commercially available brook came out with the start of the company in 2010. This particular one was the initial paint test version that didn’t really go for sale until the company sold off its remnants. It is the same model but different colour scheme.

Still available? Nope. This one wasn’t really available at all, but RTF folded up shop a year or two ago and was reborn as Toy Fish Factory. Similar style, different fish. No trout this time.

The original, original, paint scheme on the RTF brook trout. It is very brown and lacks the characteristic vermiculations. Plus there are some other issues…they eventually fixed that with a 3rd brook trout version before they folded.

Where can it be found in my displays? It’s hard to believe I’ve only covered 2 small fish figures so far (and both salmonids…), but it’s true. This one is on a slightly different shelf Hemnes3Aβ

How does it fit in the collection? It’s a freshwater fish!? The original (released) brook trout was in my collection as soon as I could get them; the version that this one came from was obtained while the company was getting rid of a bunch of its older stock and such. I got a few unique ones that way.

Bull trout from the other side. My biggest complaint is my inability to get the spots more subtle.

Any story behind it? Well, I had done some volunteering with the local Trout Unlimited Group doing a fish rescue. I had seen photos from earlier rescues that week of some big Bulls which was pretty exciting, since they’re the Provincial Fish! But I never got to see one up close. And since nobody was making a f figure of one, I decided to give it a shot–I had spares of a related species (they’re both Salvelinus, which are Char) so decided to give one a makeover.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): I wanted to highlight some of the features–white/yellow/pink spots, no dark spots on the dorsal fin, white leading edges on the ventral fins, greenish body with pale belly. I did, however, forget to modify the dorsal fin shape, which shouldn’t look like that. On the other hand, that’s more on the original figure than my attempt…but I had the chance. Plus, I couldn’t really modify the head to be bigger. But it kind of works I suppose? Until someone makes a proper one? RTF had once indicated that a figure would get released at some point (it didn’t, although other trout eventually did); TFF has listed an eventual western Trout set that includes one and I really hope it happens soon. Right after the set with the paddlefish and bowfin…!

Swimming with trout! I live near waters where Bull Trout might be, here in Alberta. That water would be sooo cold. Hopefully it stays that way. Warmer water, and not by much, is really hard on them.
But that diver would be very cold and should probably dress better. And also just leave the fish alone.

Would I recommend it? I always recommend fish figures. We need more of them, and a better diversity of them. Especially freshwater species. I wouldn’t recommend getting mine though, there are better painters and sculptors out there! But if you can get your hands on any of the Replica Toy Fish models I would definitely say go for it! I still have a few models for sale, it’s the last I could get, no trout though.

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