Vault tales #22 FameMaster 4D Grant’s Zebra

Who makes it? Another FameMaster 4D puzzle figure! The second one in a row chose at random! This is from one of the wildlife series (they call it animal series now), number 20124D

A zebra! The model didn’t specify, but the rump markings probably indicate a Grant’s Zebra. Maybe a Plains of some kind. Again, it’s hard to know exactly (except it is not a Burchell’s or Grevy’s…)

When did it come out? This one, I would have gotten between 2006 and 2008, but I’m sure it’s an older model than that.

Still available? There is still a zebra figure made, but the paint job is different. I can’t quite tell if the sculpt has changed. But I can verify that the figures now come in small boxes!

That guy is almost tall enough to be to scale. It’s a decent size figure. And, of course, it warrants a pet behind the ear!

Where can it be found in my displays? It’s in storage as well. I just don’t have the room.

How does it fit in the collection? I honestly used to collect almost everything I could get, and this zebra (and the other associated models) were no different.

I’ve heard of people trying to ride zebras, but I’ve also heard that it’s a terrible idea. At least the rider is wearing a helmet.

Any story behind it? I remember finding this in a local agricultural store in the late Fall, when they would bring in a variety of toys and models in advance of the gift-buying Christmas season. I knew it would look good on the shelves (different house, different city, different shelves) despite being in obvious pieces; and I knew it would be good for the kids at some point too.

And again, a number of pieces. With a very curious hyena to check things out. It also answers the question–it is black with white stripes!
Which, if I understand correctly, is just like the real animal (and probably a complete coincidence for the figure)

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): I’m not an expert on zebras by any means…but it looks like a striped wild horse, so it’s a zebra! Zebras are one of those ubiquitous figures that are made over and over by many companies, so this one could fit right in, even if it is a little small compared to figures from the usual companies. Based on the shoulder it is around 1:30, while many figures seem to lean towards 1:25. I do find the bold striping to be different than many figures I have seen and had though, and for a take-apart model they’ve really painted in the details around the face.

Would I recommend it? If you like zebras or horses figures, it wouldn’t be a bad addition (I’ve seen the photos of the new one…I say look for this one). It can add some variety to a collection, or even just add some size difference in a herd. The seams in the pieces might be problematic, but in the end it’s still at toy–but a fairly good one overall!

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