Vault tales #21 FameMaster 4D Parasaurolophus

Who makes it? Puzzle company FameMaster as one of their 4D puzzles. The 4th dimension is DETAIL! Clever. This one is item 20158B for the version that I have. The same models are often repainted and reissued.

When did it come out? I’ve had it since 2010, but possibly earlier

The figure is sort of to scale with the little man. I never really think of these hadrosaurs as huge, but apparently they are!

Still available? In one form or another, yes. I think the paint scheme and item number changed, but the sculpt hasn’t.

Where can it be found in my displays? It isn’t right now, it’s in storage.

How does it fit in the collection? It doesn’t really. At one point, it was much easier to get the FameMaster puzzle figures, and I really liked them for the kids. They are decent challenges and difficult (not impossible) to break. So ones like this Parasaurolophus were for the kids. I do have others that are on display though.

The figure in a few pieces. They are apparently laser cut. As puzzles, these can be fairly challenging until you are familiar with the style. Especially once you recycle the instructions like I did so many years ago!

Any story behind it? Again, not really. I am pretty sure that this is one of many that I was able to get while running a dinosaur museum. These were popular gift store items. It is also unlikely that I would have made a special effort to get this particular one.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): The first thing that stands out is…the kangaroo pose. FameMaster could make some very modern looking and well-researched models and other times…less so. This is a very classic 80s look. As is the paint job, it is kind of splotchy, although maybe it would work in a dappled conifer forest? And of course, the bright red crest because this is obviously a male. It’s a pretty standard figure, but it should be noted that at least the hands are facing in, not slapping like bunny hands, so that’s good. It just doesn’t really work on a hadrosaur.

The guy is a little small based on the crest length, although some Parasaurolophus skulls were around 2 metres long! In this instance, we’re trying for the quadruped stance but much like the Kaiyodo Plateosaurus it doesn’t really work.

Would I recommend it? As a dinosaur puzzle, like any FameMaster, they are great models to put together, and tough enough to be played with as well. For a super challenge, disarticulate several and try to sort them together!

As an accurate dino figure there are definitely better Parasaurolophus figures out there–the Safari one from last year is excellent, for example! But if you are getting them in a lot or something, it’s interesting enough. One thing to be aware of, FameMaster puzzles come packaged in a variety of ways from plastic eggs or shells, to blister packs, to small boxes. Who knows what they are currently using!

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