Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake

Who makes it? Agatsuma, a Japanese company. This is a secret chase figure from their Strange Predators series. The only mythological/cryptid figure in the set

When did it come out? I really don’t know. I’ve had them since about 2011, so probably then. There isn’t a lot of information on them.

It’s a coiled up snake! Not the usual coiled up though.

Still available? They show up in auctions, especially in Japan. I don’t think they were ever terribly common

Where can it be found in my displays? In the weird shelf of…well, very random things. Fun things, but random, 3BESTA.

How does it fit in the collection? If I were a purist, not really. I don’t do much with cryptids and mythological figures. Really, the whole set is a little outside of my usual favorite figures–but there is a tardigrade! And some other invertebrates! And a frog! And since I was able to get a whole set, this Tsuchinoko goes with it.

The figure does not balance well without the base and peg. It kept rolling away. I suppose this means that the Tsuchinoko escape method works!

Any story behind it? Back in the before times, the site dintoyblog was in version1, and I was super active there. Someone else found this set and I decided to hunt for it (my collection was broader then). And what do you know, I was able to get it. And some other things–from a site in Japan.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): It’s hard to judge a cryptid animal. I don’t really care for it–it’s a made up viper-like snake with a big, wide body. And, as the figure depicts, they have a talent for rolling like a wheel (not a myth limited to Japan of course). One thing I find curious is how often these figures, like this one, show up in sets of otherwise real and realistic animals. I am pretty sure there are other real animals that could use the attention from being recreated as models!

Tsuchinoko can apparently ‘get up to’ 80cm. So it’s big for this guy–but it’s also made up. This view really shows the wide head and really wide, flat body from the myths.

Would I recommend it? If you are getting the whole set? Sure. If you are super into cryptid reptiles, or mythological/cryptozoological figures overall and have decided to track down one of the hardest versions of a Tsuchinoko to find? Sure. Otherwise, look for the other figures (…some day one of those will get on here) and skip this one.

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