Vault Tales 12 CollectA Black-backed Jackal

Who makes it? CollectA, as part of their Woodlands (?) collection. Never really thought of these as woodlands animals, but that where they put it. Item number is 88655

When did it come out? In 2014, back when it was easier to get the CollectA figures!

The black-backed jackal, skulking along. There’s a bit of personality in this figure. He (?) is clearly thinking deep thoughts. Or is hungry.

Still available? It is indeed

Where can it be found in my displays? On the Carnivorans shelf, Hemnes1Aγ, alongside the previously seen Schleich hyena (well, Schleich hyenas…they’ve made 4!)

How does it fit in the collection? I will always try to collect models of more unusual carnivorans, modern or fossil. And jackals are pretty neat dogs, so of course I’d add this to the collection!

A somewhat over sized jackal, but I don’t have any people figures that are quite the right height. Maybe the people are really short?

Any story behind it? Only that I’m happy to have been able to get it. The jackal came in when the store was more active, and I had an easier time bringing in CollectA figures in Canada. I still would have pursued this one, I like my small and less common carnivorans, but it was nice that it was an easy addition.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Well, first off, there are not many jackal figures to choose from, so it’s great that CollectA did a good job with this one. The active hunting/walking pose gives it some real life. It’s a little more hunched than images I’ve seen of these dogs (never seen a real one myself, unfortunately) but not unreasonable. And the paint job could stand a little more grizzling between the black and fawn colour. But those are minor quibbles

Would I recommend it? Of course. No African scene or collection of animals would be complete without these little guys underfoot of the bigger predators. It’s a little big for those who want things to scale, being roughly 1:12 to 1:15–so it would look pretty big against the average lion or zebra figure. But still, it’s very pretty, and would make a great addition to a collection.

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