Vault Tales 6 FUL small octopus

Who makes it? One of a set of small marine animals. Came from a package marked FUL but likely shows up in many sets under many names.

When did it come out? Not sure. We got it in 2006 or so

The small FUL octopus. Bask in it’s warm yellow glow…!

Still available? Believe so, in various forms. And colour styles. I think I saw the set (or the larger-animal version of the set) on Amazon

Where can it be found in my displays? It’s not. It’s in storage for diorama purposes or something.

How does it fit in the collection? This will be one of those ones that wasn’t really for my collection. Instead it was more for my son (and later, daughter) as a more varied set of sea animals to play with. They still do sometimes, but these won’t be on a shelf any time ever.

Any story behind it? Not really. There was a set of small marine animals at a local dollar store. Back then I collected almost anything, and this set was quite unique, with holothurans, pelycopods, anemonae, all sorts of thing. The octopus was…one of the set. So I picked them all up. I think I’m missing one of the sharks. I doubt I’ll go to much effort to fix that.

For the record, this is visual trickery! Both figures are laying down on a flat cardboard background! A glimpse behind the curtain that is the magic of figure pictures!
Freddy the free diver getting too close to an octopus. Don’t do that.

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): Again, not much to say. It’s very brightly coloured as far as octopus figures go. It has the right parts and is recognizable as an octopus. Not sure if it reflects any real species, I don’t know cephalopods very well.

Would I recommend it? If you want an immediate set of a broad range of marine animals, from jellyfish through whales, sure, why not. As an octopus it’s…fine. Unremarkable. Of course, if octopuses (octopi? octopodes?) are your thing…there’s still better models.

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